General Hospital Casting News: Greg Vaughn Out, Jonathan Jackson In

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A couple of major General Hospital casting notes from the week:

Following six years in the role of Lucky Spencer, Greg Vaughn has been released from General Hospital. He left the following message on his Twitter page:

As of today, with sad regrets, I will no longer be apart of what has been a big part of me and my families life. GH and TPTB have... choosen to take a new direction. I THANK ALL of YOU, for the many memories we've shared and new ones to come!!! ALL MY LOVE, & BIG HUGS...

Meanwhile, Jonathan Jackson will take over the role. The actor - who appeared in an episode of One Tree Hill last year - originated the character of Lucky in 1993.

Vaughn, Greg
Jonathan Jackson
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I just started watching GH in the past few months after 9 years of not watching it and I only know Jonathan as lucky. he was a great child to young adult actor and it's exciting to see him perform with liz again. I imagine GH wanted to be able to show the origins of liz and lucky's love story and needed Jonathan to be casted in the role again to show clips(i bet he got paid big bucks to return! plus a chance to work with James Franco). Question is, how long will he stay? Best wishes to greg and maybe he'll return to GH, you never know.


What is all this talk that Jonathan Jackson does not fit the role of Lucky Spencer. Jonathan Jackson IS Lucky Spencer and it's only since his return that Lucky Spencer has become recognizable again. Frankly, GV was too OLD to play Lucky anyway, a character who isn't even 30 yet! Jonathan has chemistry with ALL of his co-stars, he knows this character backwards and forwards, he's a phenomenal actor who has won 3 daytime emmys and received 6 nominations all before he turned 18. I'm not seeing what the problem is here. This role is HIS. It's always been HIS and it will always be HIS. Jonathan may have a babyface, but his Lucky does NOT act like a kid, nor is he as insecure, petty and jealous as GV's Lucky was written to be. So other than looking older (which he should since he's NINE years Jon's senior), what exactly did Greg Vaughan bring to the role of Lucky Spencer? And if his "mature" look and sexiness is the only thing you can come up with...well, now you know why he got canned.


I too, was shocked to see Greg replaced. He was a fine actor and did an amazing job growing the character of "Lucky". I wish him all the best. That being said, I have been watching GH since way before JJ was the original Lucky. I can feel the chemistry that he shares with Anthony Geary and others. I'm enjoying seeing the flashbacks to when Lucky and Liz were young and think given a little time JJ will pull this off! There hasn't been any attraction or sexual tension between Lucky and Liz in a long time.
Let's hope things change for the better! I feel a Spencer/Cassadine feud on the horizon!!!!!!


I cant beleive they replaced Greg. I couldnt believe it when the new guy came on the show. Greg was a much better fit as Lucky Spencer. There was more of a romance between him as Luck and Elizabeth. Jhonathan just does not fit the role as the grown up Lucky. Greg will be missed. The show just wont be the same.


Thank GOD they are bringing JJ back I loved him then and will love watching him again. I have been following his career but haven't really watched GH since he left because the other Lucky's killed it for me. Guess I'm gonna have to start watching it now that the cast is getting good again. Welcome back JJ I know I've missed you.


I, too, am disgusted with TPTB at GH for replacing Greg Vaughan w/ Jonathon Jackson. Huge mistake! For some reason, when ratings slow (as they have been for all soaps), TPTB seem to automatically think "Bring an oldtimer back!" (i.e. Luke, Laura, Robert, Anna, Robin (who still looks like she's 12 and can't act), et al ad infinitum. They've brought just about everyone back from 20 years ago in last couple of years for full recasting or limited story arc. Lucky (played by GV was great in role, popular, and VERY easy on the eyes. IF IT AIN"T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have no idea what GH is thinking with replacing Greg V. Not only was he a fantastic actor, but he made Lucky believable through his romance with Elizabeth (the new Port Charles skank), his battle with drugs, and his love for his family...and let's not forget how easy he was on the eyes...he is hot. The new/old luck (Jonathan J) is not credible in this role. He looks like he should be one of Elizabeth's kids vs her fiancee.


If the truth be known, the "behind the scenes" contract or monetary disagreements between Greg Vaughan and GH, their casting of Jonathan Jackson has to be a total error in judgment. I agree with those who say JJ might have cut it as the young Lucky but he can't step into this adult role after Jacob Young and Greg...he lacks that certain quality needed. Let's hope he does not get much of a story line and will fade out of view. GH what were you thinking in recasting this role? Bad choice.


Re Greg Vaughn
As a long-time GH viewer, I remember Jonathan Jackson as Lucky but Vaughn now "owns" the character.
Very sad to see Greg is no longer playing the role he has developed into the strong character "Lucky Spencer".
Will Jackson measure up to Vaughn? I don't think so. To Greg Vaugh: will miss your Lucky and hope to see you on Daytime very soon. Whereever you go on Daytime, I will be there to watch. Susan in Montreal, Canada


I am so sorry to see Greg leave. He has been awesome as Lucky. The return of Jonathan seems wrong. In watching him this past week he actually seems too young to play Lucky now. Greg had a maturity that Jonathan lacks. I wish you well Greg. You are an awesome actor! Linda

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