Gossip Girl Caption Contest 69

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans across the nation and world, to the 69th edition of our always fun and entertaining Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner: victoriaaa_xo. Congratulations! The winning caption appears below. Honorable mentions: Maxxie29, ChairFan724, Celine.

Thanks for playing and best of luck again next week ...

What's Going On Here!?

Hopefully she won't notice I'm checking out the Chelsea scores...

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Chuck: [whispering] Blair's here. Get off of me.
Ashley: Muh?
Chuck: Get OFF OF ME!
Ashley: Dop yalling ah me.
Chuck: I can't understand you when you are kissing my neck.
Ashley: [Stops kissing Chuck] Gaw, I'm sobby.
Chuck: Why do you still sound lik-
Blair: Blonde.


LOL at this one
Ashley Hinshaw: This caption contest was so made for you. Chuck: How so? Ashley Hinshaw: It's Caption Contest 69 get it. . ? 69 =)))


Uh oh. Sorry, I didn't notice I posted one a lotttt like one that 'Niva/Blair' posted. Sorry! I didn't mean to!


lol, i love D&S [forvever]'s. I


Girl: *moaning* Oh, Chuckles!
Chuck: ...this isn't going to work. Blair!!! Now!!!


Gossip Girl: Is it a bird? Is it hyena? No, it's just Blair howling in the distance. Looks like the basstard is about to pay; let's hope this queen bee doesn't sting.


all the blond tongues in the world won't clean me if Blair sees this..


(About Blair coming in)-Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea....


Girl: Hmmmm.. I love your scent, is it your new signature than your scarf ?!
Chuck: yeahhh! Blair rid of it all cause she's allergy with wools
( A Foot Step )
Chuck: I think she's hear, what i said ?!
( it appears a waitress )
The Waitress: Heyyyy! your the cast from gossip girl, Can I have your autorgraph, Please ?!
( The Director said: Cut!! )
Ed Westwick ( with his british accent ): Alright! since you pleased
( Ed Westwick sign it )
Ed Westwick: Off You Go & have you seen Leighton Meester, who play Blair ?!
The Waitress: Ohhhh! Her i'm such A BIG FAN OF HER
Ed Westwick: Yeahhh! her, where ?
The Waitress: I think she's just order pancakes & orange juice with her boyfriend
Ed Westwick: ohhh! ok thanks
( ed westwick speaking to himself )
Ed Westwick: Damn! Leighton. How could she order than when she's filming ?! & i want
pancakes & orange juice.
( The Director: Okay guys, starting from the beginning ( the director tell one of the crew
to call Leighton ) hahahahaha :D i'm not really good at this but nxt time, i try :D xoxo,


"Sam's" as in the one above me:] ^^

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