Gossip Girl Emmy Style Showdown: Leighton vs. Blake

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The 2009 Emmy Awards Sunday evening did not feature our favorite show nominated in any major categories, but Chuck and Blair were named the TV's #1 hottest couple during E!'s Emmy pre-show at least. Goooo Chair!

Also, the Gossip Girl cast's two leading ladies were on hand for the festivities, looking totally fabulous on the red carpet as you might expect.

Here's Leighton Meester in white and Blake Lively in red. Whose dress do you like better? Vote in our fashion survey below and let us know!

Meester at the Emmys
Blake Lively: Emmy Style

Which Gossip Girl star looked better at the 2009 Emmys?

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oi meu nome e jilmara beujoosss


Blake Looks stunning. Red carpet natural I guess you could say. I really like what she has done with her hair, the dress and the hair compliment well together. Overall She looks beautiful and immaculately polished. For some reason I just don't like the way Leighton's dress sits on her. It looks a bit odd. Nice dress though.
Both look beautiful, but Blake takes the cake.


I love Leighton but this dress just doesn't work, especially because of the vampish makeup. I prefer her without the red lips. There is too much material which swamps her, it was way too long and what can you say about the shoulder pads! With very natural looking makeup and sleek 'Cleapatra sirca Elizabeth taylor' type hair and a gold hair rope headband, reminicant of Serena at the white Party GG 2x1 (who looked stunning) she would have been the antithesis of Blake in her 'reveal all, boobs out' red ensemble. It is all about the Silhouette, she has the figure for something clingy yet floaty, but it needs to be a much better fit e.g. show her waiste and be the correct length. I would have liked to see her in something more like January Jones or Drew Barrymore. Something more architectual. And finally her hair!! just looked undone and messy. As a whole it just did not mesh.
She is still a shining star no matter what she wears. You can only learn from your mistakes. Maybe next time she will wow us.


seriously, i'm not voting for leighton just because i love her. i'm going on what i'd rather be seen as. to me, blake just looks a little promiscuious or however you spell it. her hair looks TOO tightly pulled back, and she never varies how she dresses. it's always the cleavage or the legs or yadda yadda. for leighton she can pull off multiple looks, not that blake can't but she doesn't show us she can.
all in all, i love blakes dress if it was a littttle less low cut, and i'd love leighton's without those rolls of toilet paper on her shoulders.


omg ,, leighton s dress..
really creeps me.. c'mon
u just like blair thats why u guys like it ps both dress are bad but
blake is better


ummm, wtf is up with blake hair, she looks terrible, and her dress, SLUT! leighton definetly wins! she looks gorgeous!


Leighton was picked the worst in every style/fashion site:lol: and they're right she looks awful but her fans don't want to see the obvious.


This is very interesting. This website puts Blake as #1 'Best Dressed" and Leighton as one of the 'Worst Dressed' at the Emmy's. http://giantmag.com/style/best... I think Leighton looks horrible [sorry, but I do], but I also hate Blake's hair, here.


make-up- hands down, blake lively.
hair- leighton all the way.
dress- leighton, because blake looks 40 in that red number. and though she looks nice, blake's look comes off as a little cheap.


They both have issues with their looks. Leighton's dress doesn't suit her very well, but her looks great. On the other hand Blake's dress is pretty but her hair looks weird.

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