Gossip Girl Emmy Style Showdown: Leighton vs. Blake

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The 2009 Emmy Awards Sunday evening did not feature our favorite show nominated in any major categories, but Chuck and Blair were named the TV's #1 hottest couple during E!'s Emmy pre-show at least. Goooo Chair!

Also, the Gossip Girl cast's two leading ladies were on hand for the festivities, looking totally fabulous on the red carpet as you might expect.

Here's Leighton Meester in white and Blake Lively in red. Whose dress do you like better? Vote in our fashion survey below and let us know!

Meester at the Emmys
Blake Lively: Emmy Style

Which Gossip Girl star looked better at the 2009 Emmys?

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both are MISSES. but leighton in general has much better style off-camera. blake's style is awful - its either boho messy or overly sexy. we all know you have a great body, its time to tone down the sexy gear and dress a little more tastefully and trendy and that in turn will result in better style.


neither dress is great. BLAKE needs to stop wearing dresses that are so overtly sexy. its like she can't do any other look. plus that hairdo just doesn't work with her face. she looks a little tranny..


I prefer Blake's hair and makeup and think she looks beautiful, but I like that Leighton has fun with her clothes and isn't trying be overtly sexy every time she walks a red carpet. Leighton's look is elegant - a kindof "modern Edwardian" look. Blakes waist-deep neckline is over the top to me, so I'm giving it to Leighton for keeping it classy.


They both look extremely gorgeous here, but I'm so sorry Blake, Leighton wore it better. Blake just looks too...bland. :(


Both dresses are beautiful and fitting for the age and colouring. Leighton's make has been very unnatural for her lately and makes her look as if she's trying to hard.
Blake looks the complete opposite, she looks horrible with a full pulled back style because of her hair colour unless they do her make right she needs colour in her cheeks.
Her look is to insipide for the red dress.


*okay i don't mean to start a fight


okay, u don't mean to start a fight or something on here, but really. it has to be said.
people who aren't fans of leighton are constantly dissing her and saying blake and jessica and taylor are sooo much better and that all leightons fans are stupid and annoying and they hate everyone else. personally, leighton is my favorite. i love blake though as well. in my opinion leighton looked better. blake, to me, looked like she just stepped out of bed with they way her hair was. normally i favor the way blake dresses over leighton but something about this really didn't work for me. you people need to quit dissing leighton because you THINK her fans diss everyone else, when if you really go through and read all the comments, it's blakes fans saying how stupid leighton's fans are and talking about how dumb she looked. i think leighton could pull that make up off. i think blake probably could have too, but some people take fashion risks, expecially leighton, and some of you need to learn to respect that.
sorry for writing a long thing, but all i'm saying is everyone who isn't a fan or leighton, or even ed for god's sake, doesn't need to bash their fans when we've done nothing to you. k? kaaay. ps. i'm so happy that chair was voted tv's steamiest couple by e. anyone else!?:)


They both look horrible! Leighton, love her but no, no no! To much makeup, hair looks a tad greasy. Blake, just wow. Not good for her. Did you guys see her hair! It was a big horrible ugly braid!!! They are both sexy beautiful women, but really missed this time Ugh1


i think they both looked great, cuz they r both gorgeous .. but i duno, i think they both would look A LOT better if they traded dresses ... cuz red always looks really hot on brunettes and i remember that serena wore a greek-looking dress at the white party last season, which looked amazing on her, while the red kinda makess her skin/hair look washed out


omg. blake looked awful. did u see her hair? it loooked like a horses tail. leighton looked gorgeous!

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