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Tonight, on "The Lost Boy," Serena wonders what Carter's deal is. Don't we all. Meanwhile, Vanessa suspects something is up with Scott. Gee, you think?

Also, we're in for some hot Chair action tonight from the looks of it. Holla!

We've seen some quality previews and promos for the third episode of the new season, as well as photos and spoiler alerts for this and future episodes.

Now it's time to sit back and enjoy - and share your predictions of course.

What do you think and hope will happen on Gossip Girl this evening?

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Last week Carter asked Serena, "What's your deal?" This week we ask, what's his?!

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yah as creepy as it is i still want Darena


i wanna see jenny and nate back together they were so cute serena and dan definitly scott should tell everyone who he really is


Ok I've just got it . As I've stated before I love love love CHAIR but I now realise why I am not toally convinced by their interactions so far. They are playing the scenes like they are a in a fourties romantic comedy and dressing the part too. It's all cutesy and stuff but not really touching on the truth, it is actually 2009 not 1939. When I think of Chuck in his Pee Wee herman suit I like to switch to the Limo scene sirca 2007. They must be able to outdo that extremly short vignette. I beleive in you, all of you, Bring sexy back.


LOVE CHAIR! Hate this Bree chick - yuck terribly non existant chemistry with Nate. I want Nate with Sabrina - their scenes way back when were HOT! The rest is ok but we need some depth again.
And whoever posted before about Chuck and Nate's hair being all greased back and not liking it - ITA! We need something with an emotional punch back this season. Nate's father dying in prison or some upheaval with Lily. Something with a kick!


I live in Europe and I am a very loyal GG viewer. The thing is, this show is going downhill, the plot is not as strong as previous seasons. And too much drama in each episodes, nothing deep, and the characters seem to lost their spirits.
I was kind of feel cheated, almost all chuck and blair interaction is already aired through the sneakpeek and WHAT?? NOTHING (or very little) MORE ON THE REAL EPISODES??? And yes, I am agree that disturbing vanessa, creepy scott, useless bree, and clueless nate has stolen too much of my priceless air time!!! I have to wake up 4 in the morning to watch the show on time and these all that I got?? Come on...


cb= so damn boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jenn- I so agree with you on point 2


Dear Gossip Girl Writers, Ok, we get it. You are dealing with some big challenges this season. You are battling not only the short term attention span of the average TV viewer, but also the years of telvision history that indicate shows don't fare very well once they leave the safe drama filled confines of highschool and enter the collegiate atmosphere. Most times the quality of the storylines plummet and if the first two episodes of the season are any indication...GG is headed down that path. Now I am a loyal GG fan and have the utmost respect for the work that you do. Frankly I think the writing that has been shown during season 1 and 2 surpasses anything shown on tv....even cable! (Oh Yeah, I went there) So please know that my comments, and those comments of other GG fans out there, are not grumblings of the unappreciative masses, but rather a reminder to you that you are capable of much, much better stories. Below are my top five suggestions that I think may help to bring the spark back to everyone's favorite show: 1. Blair needs her mojo back: Call Chuck and ask him to ring his PI, Blair Waldorf has been MIA for these first few episodes and GG isn't the same without her. Blair, Blair, Blair...love her or hate her (and most of us love her) she was the driving force behind season 1 and 2. Although the show may have started as a vehicle for Serena, Blair Waldorf, as portrayed by Leighton Meester, stole the show and became its heart. Armed with the best lines and the most touching moments Blair is the one that always helped to keep storylines moving forward. While her comedic lines this season are very clever, her over all persona seems fake. This new Blair is clingy, whiny, and insecure. Now I give you that Blair has always had insecurity issues in the past (with her mother, Serena, etc.), but she handled them in a different manner. That Blair was focused on maintaining her queen reputation and her persona of perfect control. The results of that were some great storylines: her bulimia, her first wild hookup with Chuck, etc. I'm not advocating that Blair go down a destructive path, but this break in behavior seems too sudden and unusal for our Queen B. Think about it, would a control freak admit to her boyfriend and her stunning best friend that she is friendless at a new school? Would she let Georgina run her off from her own room? Over her dead and perfectly styled body! Bring Blair back! Give Leighton some deeper story lines- You know she can handle it! Give our Blair back her depth (and a good storyline) and she will soar with it. 2. Cast Interaction: Where is everyone? New York isn't THAT big... The sensational six (Jenny, not Vanessa) are all spread out across the city and as a result have much less interactions so far this season. This is probably one of the most important reasons why ratings are down. None of their individual scenes spark as much as when they are interacting with each other. Most of the screen time thus far has been utilized by other guest actors (Scott, Georgie, Carter), and while we like them, we don't like them all at once and not when they take screen time away from one of our faves (shout out little J!). Word of advice, lessen the number of screen actors to one or two per episode and limit their screen time. Now I am not even going to touch on Tyra and Hillary for next week, what is done is done...but know that every minute on screen that they use, and in some cases waste (oh hell I'm calling out Tyra now), is time that could have been spent on furthering a main character's development. 3. Speaking of Litle J..... Has school started already? I know Colleges start early so I am hoping that GG has not forced us to miss out on the crucial first day of Queen J's reign. I personally am dying to see how she handles the throne and the pressures that come with being Queen. Although Jenny changed a lot this season, we have to remind ourselves that being part of Blair's court and ultimately being Queen was very important to her for a long time. Some of the perks of that position will be hard for our Brooklyn Born Girl to resist and that battle will be a fabulous one to watch. 4. Dan and Serena: Off, On and now weirdly friends...
Ok, so imagine that you suddenly find out that your boyfriend, who you claim is the love of your life, shares a half sibling with you...and you will soon be step-siblings. You do what any normal people do and break up (totally understandable) and then you stay friends and are cool with each other during family meals. (WHAT?!) Ok writers, this is a prime story for drama! Although Serena and Dan have a friendly relationship now...it seems unreal. Where is the awkwardness and the resentment? Not only against each other, but against their parents too? Serena was Dan's first in a lot of things and I find it very difficult to believe that they are friends after all their history. Give us the drama!! :) 5. Give us more Dan... I never thought I would say it, and believe me I can't even believe I am typing it, but we need more Dan scenes this season. Thus far, Dan's scenes have been the most enjoyable and the most believeable out of all the GG cast members. His humor and experiences at College so far are the best written and stay true to his character. I would love to see more interaction between him and Blair. Their scenes together are buzzing with the kind of spark that Chair had in its heday (don't worry I'm still a Chair shipper!) and I would love for the writers to explore their dynamic further. In summary I know you guys have a lot to prove this season and I plan on watching every episode and supporting the show I love. Every season characters grow and the show changes, this is a fact. All we ask is that it changes for the better. We know you guys can do it. Lots of Love!
GG Fan
xoxo ps- Vanessa seems like she may be a semester abroad type girl, let's pursue this! The use of


G is physco Dan is stupid for believing G had changed. Serena is stupid for thinking Carter has changed. This show is so standadard. Why not just put them together, it is so transpartent what is going on with them. The fact that Dan/Carter shook hands at the end...telling for the future if you ask me. CB are SOO boring. Shame too. :( Nate was pointless as usual. Jenny was pointless as usual. Vanessa was pointless as usual. Scott is a creep as usual. DS scenes were the only good thing about the episode. get the guest stars off my screen. They take up too much damn time.


GGfan-He said that? I watched the scene but didn't notice. Wasn't he supposed to take over BI later this season??? and why would you cash all your shares in this economy? He shouldn't be making all this big investments so soon. And by the way, I thought he had billions on his own, not counting his shares in BI. How much money was this hotel???
This show is sometimes to unrealistic. I know I'm watching TV, but I'm not dumb...I need better written and developed SL. Maybe I'm too old to watch this show. Each episode makes less sense than the last!


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