Gossip Girl Season 3 Premiere: What Did You Think?

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"Reversals of Fortune" just aired on the CW. How do you feel about the Gossip Girl Season 3 premiere? Satisfied? Deeply let down? Somewhere in between?

We want to hear what you think!

Check out our official episode recap if you missed it or need a refresher, then tell us how you feel about the new season's debut by voting in our survey below.

Feel free to leave us comments with your thoughts, as well!

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Intense Chair

The Gossip Girl Season 3 premiere, "Reversals of Fortune," was ...

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This should work for sure


I loved the new episode. I really hope Chair will stay together. They need each other. Scott sounds like he is using Vanessa to get to his family. I dont know why Vanessa is even in this episode, she is pointless. Bree and Nate....i'm not really feeling their relationship. I wish Nate was more involved with what is happening with is friends, instead he is branching off. I really like eric, i wish he was in the episodes a little more. OH and i almost forgot Serena is going crazy....i mean Carter. Really?


Oh goodness,,, i thought it was horrible. i was SO dissapointed... What a horrible premier! I love gossip girl... or i did. i really hope this isn't another OC fiasco!


I realy love Bree and Nate storyline and i hope de writer's do something god for them this season!


OMGGG!! i LOVEE Serena and Carter!! Ah! i love the new serena! the old one was soo boring
and the chuck blair thing is a little weird but hopefully it will get better
and i also LOVE the vanessa and long-lost-brother hooking up! hottt!!
Disappointing episode over all though. not as good as the other seasons, kinda pathetic actually. where was the good acting and the ideas and plot was good, but execution was really bad!! ugh...


I didn't like the episode. Chair bored the hell out of me!!! I want them apart they are better apart!!! Serena's desperate I want my daddy to love me act just irritated me to no end!!!! Vanessa was being jealous as usual!!! Jenny just pissed me off and Scott is like the male Vanessa. Nate and That new girl just bored me already!! It's not interesting, They ruined the personalities of the fabulous 4. Chuck is romantic and sweet and why the F*** is he serving Blair??? He's Chuck Bass for godsakes. Blair is too relaxed where is the queen bee I've grown to love (and at times hate). Nate is becoming predictable and is close to being the next playboy of the show!! Serena's desperation doesn't work with her!! it makes her irritaing. I am however slightly intrigued by the carter Serena I hope it develops. But this is gg they usually f up the plot lines by mid season. (a habit they started in season 2) But the blair dan does intrigue me!! I mean it's more intersting than Chair. Ok I am sorry they should've ended that in season 2 in a bittersweet moment and I could've been satsified. unfortunatly Gossip Girl is becoming a car reck that I don't think even georgina can save. But like a car crash I am complelled to watch with the hope that they won't completely destroy one of my favorite shows. (though they did that after episode 3/4 of season 2) and just for the record Jenny and Dan aren't rich. they are just playing!!! but Dan didn't annoy me so much but I kinda feel a bit of jealousy of Carter. I kinda like that tension even though S/D will never act on it!! it was better than most of their relationship sense georgina!!!


i dont mind cb being flufy for a while, after all the angst of season 2 we needed some love, and im sure the writers are gonna bring some drama to their relationship sooner or later and i bet people we'll complain that they miss chair being happy


I agree with blaircorneliabass, what was missing from Chuck and Blair was their banter. Don't get me wrong I loved the sweet in love thing they had in this episode as I felt it showed that they are in love, but as many people have said we haven't seen them like that before so it was unusually to see them like that. I do believe they will start to combine this new sweet Chair with the old banter/sexy Chair soon especially by ep 3 when they go up against each other at the auction.


could someone tell me what happens after blair goes up to the security guard and asks where chuck is? my comp crashed right before the ending! it's killing me!! please and thanks!


Good grief how many times am I going to post? :) but I jus keep getting new theories... Ok, so I do think one of the reasons why Chuck and Blair were a tad off in the episode was because there was no bantering. We all have been waiting for and appreciate these new sweet moments between them, but I don't think it will feel like CB for real until they're bantering again. Note: banter does not equal fighting, just all of the witty quips they had before. They can still totally do that while being a lovey dovey couple! Balance the sweetness with the banter and a dash of drama and you get a perfect Chair couple recipe. So I'm hoping that will be present from now on. The eding role playing scene was cute, but as with all things previously Chair, I think we would have preferred it hot and sexy. Compare it to the scene where Blair strips for Chuck at the end of last season, and you see the difference. Even if Blair had just been wearing some kind of lingerie it would have been better. And, since it seems like they were acting out some kind of fantasy, I think it should have played more to the personalities of the characters. In what strange world would Blair Waldorf ever fantasize about getting it on with some waiter? I'm all for more role play between Chuck and Blair, but just make it kinkier and more approriate to the characters.
Oh, and when will Chuck's new CB ring be introduced? Please let there be something said about it and not just some trivial wardrobe update. I want it to be his official "heartpin" from Blair!
Over and out, until I have more epiphanies. ;)


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