Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff

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As we all know, Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff are coming to Gossip Girl next week. Today's TV Guide spoiler column has the latest on what we can expect then ...

Q: I can't wait to see Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl. Who will she have scenes with?

A: Who won't she have scenes with? I had heard that movie star Olivia Burke (Duff) would be rooming with Vanessa, but I had no idea she'd be romancing Dan and working with Serena. (Yes, you heard that right: working.)

But forget all that, if you're looking for an excuse to laugh louder than you ever have in your life, honest human emotion, wait until you see Duff and her fellow guest star Tyra Banks' virtuoso performances in Fleur.

That would be the film-within-the-show about, of course, the French resistance during World War II. Talk about Les Miserables!

Quite a lot of hype. Are you excited for Hilary and Tyra or no?

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Can't waiiit. (:


I love Hilary, I think the next episodes will be awsome. Can't wait to see Blair's face when she discovers Vanessa's roommate is a super star and she is stuck with G. poor Blair.

Ues gossip guy

Im really excited to see Duff and Banks. They are Hot and can bring some fun to the show. This season is getting better and better. It sucks because there is no more Georgina but she has one episode left to film.


This show needs good story plots and continuity not new characters. They have a decent cast and everybody's loved (except Vanessa, but hey we love to hate her). There's little point in bringing new people if they are going to continue with the insane stories :/

Addison rose

who cares about them, I'm excited Lily is finally back on the next episode : )


Tyra Banks has lost the plot recently I hope this helps her recovery, but hope this is a brief visit. Hilary was so cute once upon a time. I hate to say this but in the spoiler pics she just looks chunky. Dan and Hilary is better than him and Nate (freudian slip I meant Georgina). He could pretend she was a Serena 'Doppleganger' with the legs cut off, sorry!!!!


Seriously? Tyra?... I mean isn't America's Next Top Model enough spotlight for her? All that "you wanna be hot like me" attitude will ruin GG
Actually I think that GG has absolutely nothing to do with Duff or Tyra for that matter. I can't think of one positive way this addition will be successful. The person who decided to include them on the show needs to get on their meds and fast!!


why cant they just focus on the NJBC?


I'm really NOT excited to see what's going to happen. I love Gossip Girl, and I've been addicted to it since day one, but I feel like it's going downhill, fast. First with bringing Georgina back, and sticking Nate with Bree. I'm not liking how many story lines there are either, with everyone all in different places...I'm really disappointed with this season, and I think it's a mistake to introduce Hilary Duff to the show. I was a fan of hers during Lizzie Maguire, but I think she's lost her hype. I'm a huge fan of Tyra as well, but I like her as a Top Model host, I'm not sure I'll like her on the show.


I am boycotting this next episode. TYRA really! Joel McHale on the Soup is going to probably have a party b/c of this episode. And Duff to. ew. Sorry. Neither of them can act and this season is mediocer. Look at the ratings numbers and it this ep. is not going to help.

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