Gossip Girl Spoilers: More on Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff

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As we all know, Tyra Banks and Hilary Duff are coming to Gossip Girl next week. Today's TV Guide spoiler column has the latest on what we can expect then ...

Q: I can't wait to see Hilary Duff on Gossip Girl. Who will she have scenes with?

A: Who won't she have scenes with? I had heard that movie star Olivia Burke (Duff) would be rooming with Vanessa, but I had no idea she'd be romancing Dan and working with Serena. (Yes, you heard that right: working.)

But forget all that, if you're looking for an excuse to laugh louder than you ever have in your life, honest human emotion, wait until you see Duff and her fellow guest star Tyra Banks' virtuoso performances in Fleur.

That would be the film-within-the-show about, of course, the French resistance during World War II. Talk about Les Miserables!

Quite a lot of hype. Are you excited for Hilary and Tyra or no?

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hmmm im not really looking forward to see Duff with dan but i am looking forward for tyra.

Joy waldass

Nope and Nope... I'm never excited to see Tyra, her whole persona annoys the sthick out of me. BUT I did find the scene pretty funny. And it's on one episode. Hilary, I will always see her as Lizzie lol Seriously couldn't they have gotten an unknown actress? Or Maybe, here's a thought stop having so much guest stars. I don't mind Michelle, Seb, Connor but everyone else. I wish they would stop.


Tyra is extremely annoying. Beautiful and smart, but annoying. Sick of her.


Ha, I'm wondering who actually said: "I'm so excited to see Hillary Duff on GG."
That had to have been a made up question...


I'm really loving this season. Though I can't say I'm a fan of Hilary Duff or Tyra Banks... Let's say I don't really care whether they are in the episode or not, but I can't wait for next episode all the same! I'm loving GG3


I am super excited to see Hilary. I cant say the same for Tyra though.


I don't like Duff, but I like to see Tyra. I really miss Chuck Bass, till now he's so boring.


I'm excited about Tyra. She's hilarious in the right context. Playing some scene-chewing crackpot actress is perfect. Finally Serena will look like a normal person, by contrast! I have no idea about Duff. She looks cute next to Dan, and if she can act then maybe they'll be interesting to watch. But what's the dramatic angle? If it's merely "he doesn't know she's famous, and everyone else does!", then YAWN. How about: Vanessa has finally had enough, when Dan starts dating Ms Hollywood Duff. She helps Georgina do something to break them up, which works but exposes G's crazy and causes her to be expelled from NYU. V's real motive, though, is to be there when Duff and Dan break up, so at long last she can have Dan for herself. But someone... Blair? Jenny? knows that V actually used Georgina to engineer the whole thing!


It will work. Probably wont be the best episode of the season. But I bet it will be entertaining.


yeah.. i don't want tyra and hilary on the show too because... oh.. just because! (i wish i could say, " because i'm chuck bass" ROFL)

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