Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Latest on Chuck's Gay Kiss

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So Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass is kissing a boy, and he liked it.

Or not. Very much not.

According to the excerpts from E! Online's spoiler Q&A below, the Basshole's much-anticipated same-sex kiss is not doing his relationship much good.

On the plus side, it does not look like Blair is losing Chuck to the other team. Here's what the experts have to say about Chuck's dalliance and more:

Q: Can you please put the Chair fandom at ease and let us know that this Chuck "gay kiss" on Gossip Girl does not mean Chuck will be playing for both teams but is really just a scheme and will serve to bring Chair even closer at the end of it?

A: OK... so ... the good news for you Chuck-Blair fans is that Chuck is not really playing for both teams on Gossip Girl (in the books he's bisexual).

Celebrate Good Times

The bad news is that Chuck's gay kiss is not doing Chuck and Blair's relationship any favors. Why? Because Gossip Girl's resident crazy lady (that's Blair, just so we're clear) tricks Chuck into kissing that boy, and Chuck's pissed after the fact.

Don't panic, Chuck and Blair are not totally breaking up over this, but it does put a major kink in their relationship.

Q: What brings Vanessa's mum to New York on Gossip Girl?

A: Gina Torres is going to be on Gossip Girl - can you believe it? How is she introduced? Well, Vanessa finds out she is going to give the freshman toast at NYU and invites her mom. Mom, however, disapproves of Vanessa going to college (?!).

Yeah, apparently because Mr. and Mrs. Abrams are super-hippie, anti-establishment types. Awww, they're just mad she didn't go to Reed or Oberlin.

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dont break up Blair and Chuck their the best couple yeah they need make up sex lots of it


I liked it so much more when I thought Chuck was simply wanting to help Blair scheme to get the speech by kissing the guy (being as Chuck is comfortable in his [straight] sexuality) and it would just be a funny plot line. It really annoys me that they're going to try and make this into a "major kink" in their relationship. I really can't see how, even if Blair does trick Chuck into it, it could make him unforgivably mad about it... especially since Chuck knows Blair better than anyone else....
I really hope that season 3 is going to be what we've been longing for all these 2 years for Chair, because after the promos and spoilers and everything, I'm starting to lose faith.


Chuck better set crazy lady Blair straight. I adore her brattiness, but someone needs to put her in her place once in awhile, so why shouldn't it be Chuck?


Okay I love Chair and btw I also love Chuck to death, but this is where I have a problem with him. Obviously from the promo we've seen he goes with some blond girl, which I'm guessing is a game. So if they're playing games and Blair is allowing it for his enjoyment then should her tricking him into kissing a guy, somethng that means nothing but in my opinion would come off as funny, put a major kink in their relationship? I was actually excited for this because I thought it would be some funny light hearted CB. Now I'm just like come on! They've gotten through way worse things and this is going to apparently possibly partially break them up? Seriously like wtf.


I would be genuinely surprised if this put a "major kink" in their relationship. I mean, they have been through a lot worse things than Blair tricking him into kissing a guy. I'm just glad Chuck was unhappy about the kiss, because before this spoiler, I thought the writers were going to have him like it, because ups and downs in a Chair relationship is inevitable, but having Chuck go gay would be too much of a down lol.


If Blair reallt tricks Chuck, then she is the same and has not changed so why should Chuck!


Maybe Chuck helps Vanessa win the speech beacause he is mad at Blair.


I love them!


omg! i dont even care about the gay kiss but not liking this so caled wedge its gonna put in chair's relationship.! blair dont ruin it!!


I like the way you think!

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