Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: The Reason For Izzie's Exit

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As we reported earlier today, Katherine Heigl is taking a break from Grey's Anatomy to film a movie. That news alone was enough to cause a stir among fans this afternoon.

But what's shocking, and what shapes the entire sixth season of the series, is why recently married cancer survivor Dr. Izzie Stevens is vanishing for multiple episodes.

The reason for the leave of absence?

According to inside sources, this season of Grey's Anatomy is overwhelmingly defined by the merger of Seattle Grace and its oft-mentioned crosstown rival, Mercy West.

Reportedly, Seattle Grace is about to double in size, bringing in a slate of new doctors and paving the way for shake-ups in the season(s) of Grey's Anatomy to come.

What does this merger mean for our favorites?

Well, Dr. Izzie Stevens is getting fired. Yes, fired, as in dismissed or downsized. Izzie gets laid off in the big merger and vanishes for a handful of episodes.

Brain Damage
A Smiling Mer

The shake-up also provides cover for Ellen Pompeo's maternity leave.

She'll fade into the background while new doctors, administrators and nurses (played by Robert Baker, Jesse Williams and Nora Zehetner) fill in gaps regulars leave behind.

Producers are, however, working to keep Meredith Grey in as many episodes as possible. Ellen is banking footage for her leave by shooting scenes for two episodes at once.

The Seattle Grace-Mercy West merger storyline is part of a long-term plan hatched by producers and ABC execs to make Grey's Anatomy a viable series for years to come.

They are thinking ER style here - 15 years or more.

No matter which stars are pregnant, moonlighting, looking to get out or otherwise unavailable, the writers want a large, expandable palette of characters and situations.

So, going forward, if Patrick Dempsey needs to shoot a movie (he will, later this season), a new and improved Seattle Grace offer wiggle room in schedules and stories.

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please bring IZZY backk :(




Hey why dont you all try to just shutup!!!! i'm sorry but you call yourselves fans and here you are dissing the characters of the show!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! I'm sorry but you guys are the biggest pains in the ass when it comes to the tv shows... why do you think tv shows get cancelled because people like you start writing crap about the shows and then noone watches it anymore!!! let us enjoy it, lexie is a newer character... not one of the five... mcsteamy definitely isn't one of the five... if my memory serves right one of the five is already dead!!!! Burke was one of the original characters and he left, Adison came in and she left! Dr Hahn came in and she left! Callie came into the show and she's now a freaking lesbian!!! DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE AND SHUT YOUR TRAPS!!! GOD!!!!! Grey's Anatomy is awesome as it is, and if they stop changing it around it would be the most dull and boring and stupidest show around!!! CHANGE IS GOOD!!! EXCEPT IT!!!!!


please izzie needs come back soon, she loves alex and then have stay together


What are they at?!People love the original characters,thats why its great-and the new characters are,for lack of a better word,stupid.If Christina leaves too id probably stop watching it.They should just go back to how it was in the first 3 series.


the reason why programmes like friends have so many fans is coz of the cast.....they never changed anyone.i love GA but i'm not sure i'll love it without george,issy n meredith.i'd rather watch private practice.


I as well miss the oringal cast, but new story line is good as long as we don't lose our cast we fell in love with from the start. I think the should bring Burk back seeing how George is gone.


If Izzie gets killed off the show I will never watch grey's anatomy again. She has been my favorite character since the show started. Im also getting sick of new characters getting more air time then the main characters. Stop adding new people! I hate them all.


I love this show but.......
George is dead that is bad enough but no izzy???
Please put izzy back soon we miss her the along with the other originals make the show what it is......btw why hasn't george been a ghost yet? If its not in the makings it should ga has a way of bringing the dead back as matter what pleeeeaaaassssseeee bring izzy back


I honestly think this should be the last is going down hill and you guy's are every where, not very stable at all. I have not missed one season since GA has been on air, but now this merger and new people who everyone seems to hate, and dropping the originals ....come on..for real??!!? I can't watch anymore....Just lost a fan...lets get your stuff together guys.

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