Kevin Zegers to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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The love life of Jenny Humphrey is about to get more complicated on Gossip Girl.

Kevin Zegers has joined the cast for a multi-episode arc later this fall as Damien.

Damien is being billed as an "international bad-boy." Sounds intriguing for Lil' J!

Kevin Zegers Picture

Zegers previously starred opposite Felicity Huffman in TransAmerica, and was recently seen in 50 Dead Men Walking and The Narrows, among other works.

He will soon begin production on The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.

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I kind of feel bad for him actually. Everyone is flipping out like he's a rip off of Zac Efron, but guys. IT'S NOT HIS FAULT HIS PARENTS MADE HIM THAT WAY! GOSH! He's the victim here. Sorry I just this was all a bit ridiculous hehe.


I thought it was Zac Efron at first, it should make for some interesting storylines.


This guys is 7 years older than Taylor, is he actually supposed to be playing a teenager?? Or will a 16 year old be dating an adult....that's realistic and not creepy


More guest characters???? why??? Anyways he does look a lot like Zac Efron.


ewwww,,, why is he look like zac efron?? he used to be so much hotter on AIR BUD ,,,, why he wanna copy zac ??


i love him... but GG is not working for me with all these guest stars. urgh i want story lines with only the main characters.


he kinda looks like zac efron... i thought they wrote the wrong name or something hehehe



Gossip de la girl

He looks oddly like Zac Efron.


Okay this kind of makes me giggle.
Follow along and you will to.
Oh look at the pictures I have to see what I mean) This guy, Kevin Zegers ( looks like Zac Efron ( who not completely alike, but sort of looks like in certain pictures Ian Somerhalden ( who really looks like.. Guess who ( Chace Crawford. Do I sense an episode with a tone of Nate's attractive look alike cousins? Hehe jk, but really tell me what you think of this.

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