Masi Oka: Critical of Heroes

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We've been saying it for years: of all the disjointed storylines Heroes has focused on over the last two seasons, the most frustrating has been the show's treatment of death.

Characters appear to die, only to resurface later because, hey, they have abilities! (The most obvious case is Tracy.) This diminishes the show's drama. It's difficult to take its supposedly suspenseful stakes seriously if characters never perish.

Now, on the heels of season four, Masi Oka has spoken out in agreement of this assessment.

Wheeling Away

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As various Heroes spoilers have revealed, his character of Hiro will come down with an illness this season. Oka told reporters on a recent conference call that he hopes there is "poetic justice to the storyline," adding:

"I want to make sure we don't cheat death, like we have in the past and not give it the weight that is meant to be."

Well said, Masi. We hope for the very same thing.

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I'm wondering why the foundation laid in the first season is being completely ignored. In the very first episode Future Hero time travels to speak to Peter on the train..mentions Peter looking different without the scar (not to mention Hero is speaking in perfect English)...What happened to this? It was a theme (of the future) that was continued for a while, however I feel that season 3 was an incredible disappointment, written by people who have never actually watched the show! I'm hopeful for the upcoming season, but can no longer claim that Heroes is my favorite show. Too many inconsistencies.


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