Presenting the New Gossip Girl Insider!

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After two rounds of voting and 14,000 virtual ballots cast, Gossip Girl Insider is proud to unveil its new banner and site design as we gear up for Season 3 of the show we love in just 11 days (we can't wait for the premiere)!

We're grateful for your input throughout the process and welcome comments on what we've come up with. Vote in the poll and leave whatever feedback you have as comments! If it wasn't clear already, we want to hear from you!

Most of all, thanks for visiting Gossip Girl Insider all year long and making it the #1 Gossip Girl fan community! You guys and girls are the best.

What do you think of the new banner and design?

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I don't really like the new banner... the old one was much better..


omg whale sweater's comment about the dead fish is EPIC!!!

Nair all the way

taylor momsen looks like scarlett johansson! Love It! x


voted for the NYC one :( this color scheme is too boring and plain for gg i guess. and everyone looks like themselves and not the characters which doesn't fit this site. everything is so loud it just screams at you. The squarish theme too. would have prferred the NYC one so much better


Hmmm. Looks like Nate's head got cut off. But it looks good.


this one is better. my professor in web design said that black colors are usually used for porn sites.

I love you

lovin the banner but dnt really like the colour scheme kinda annoying!!


I agree with those who said that Lily's dress would be a great color for the background. Hopefully you can a figure out a way to make that work. But I also agree about Chace! He is barely noticable. I didn't think when you where going to make this picture into a banner, that he would almost disappear. It looks weird with his head just floating at the bottom. You addressed the color problem, but not the Chace problem. Is there anything you can do to make him more visable?


i looooove the new banner
however, i dont like the white background under the text.
maybe make it either a light gray or baby blue, i think thatd be awesome!
otherwise great job thanks!


i love it, i love it, i love!! simplemente me encanta...


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