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Spoiler TV has unearthed some new casting call information for the 8th episode of Season Three of Gossip Girl. Tell us what you think of these tidbits ...

  • Whitney. Early 20s, brunette, female. A beautiful young woman who Blair Waldorf befriends based on her haute couture style.
  • Caroline Lowe. Early-mid 30s, female. Open ethnicity. An attractive, New York CBS news producer looking for some good scoop.
  • Campaign strategist. Early-mid 30s, male / female. He or she will be working on Tripp Vanderbilt's (Nate's cousin's) campaign.
  • Drowning man. Late 20s-early 30s, male. Falls into the Hudson River, then recounts the story to a local reporter (see above).
  • Bystander. 30s, male / female. Sees man fall into river, calls for help.
  • Student. 18-20, male. Cracks a joke at Dan in the NYU dorms.
  • Newscaster. Mid 20s-mid 30s, female.
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i want to do an audition for the student that cracks a joke at dan
at NYU. how can i do this and were
plaese contact me even if it's not possible so i don't keep my hopes up.


How do you try out for this?


aaaah if i lived in usa i will apply for newcaster. and i want to be Whitney....!! its my dream can be bf blair waldorf:p


open ethnicity? so the rest are automatically white right?


If I lived in the usa I could apply for newcaster...(LOL) I wish Gabriel didn´t disappeared, so hot dios mio!!


Ehmagawd. That means Tripp is gonna be on the show this season. YAYYYY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Aaron Tveit (who plays Tripp)! Haha :D


Tripp is running for office? Isn't he like 24?


The Drowning Man mad me laugh too haha ^^ Im excted for Whitney, whoever she is, cause I keep getting this feeling the writers are picking on Blair and giving her to many enimies. I just hope this girl isnt fake and going to backstabb Blair.


For some reason the drowning man thing made me laugh.


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