Taylor Momsen Turns Heads at Fashion Week

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Kids. They grow up so fast.

Really, really fast in Taylor Momsen's case.

The Gossip Girl star's fashion sense is something else.

Last week, Taylor stepped out in NYC wearing a revealing outfit with some guy we thought could be a boyfriend, but is also rumored to be her cousin.

In any case, she made headlines by showing some skin at 16. That was tame compared to the ensemble she wore at Fashion’s Night Out Friday:

T. Moms Pic

She wore it to perform with her band The Pretty Reckless, but she's still wearing a sheer button-up, a garter belt, and sequined panties. Gulp.

What would Rufus Humphrey think?

We know Taylor's, like, a big star and everything at this point, but ... 16. It's hard to get past that. She can't even drive after 9 p.m. in some states.

Do you think Taylor Momsen dresses too provocatively for her age?

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If you look at todays high fashion, you'll see that it's acceptable and very 'in' (the whole grunge look) and to look like that is okay - I actually like this outfit on her, and if you have seen her mother, then you wouldn't be asking all these question like what would her mother think.
Maybe you should just stop doing all this buzz. Admit it people, she can totally wear it because, lets be honest, she's beautiful and has a model 'kick ass' body.
I just think that we all should just get a grip and stop worry about what she should or shouldn't wear. It's what she choose to wear, do and say that makes her uniqe.


Rihanna wore that kind of outfit when she was 16 too. By the way, Taylor does modelling, right? She doesn't give a f*ck of whatever people or fans say so I would not say anything about this again.


cuz not....every 16 girls dress like this way....
its just that if u can handle it or not
personally.. i think taylor looks sexy


cuz not....every 16 girls dress like this way....
its just that if u can handle it or not
personally.. i think taylor looks sexy as hell


Yeah, she's 16, that's why everyone's making a fuss. But hey, she's a performer, and I guess she wants to express herself. She looks fantastic anyway. I just hope she doesn't go on drugs or something. lol


oh please! shes 16 she wants to show who she is!
shes different to all the conventional teenagers! shes a rocker she wants to show it! shes a style icon and shes a teenager give the poor girl a break!
if this was leighton dressed like that you would all say the opposite!

N to the s

I'm going to get yelled at for saying this: Taylor's a fake. She pretends she's this massive Rock-chick grunge girl, but she comes across as skanky and classless. Honestly, where are her parents? A perfect example of a girl growing up too fast, and in complete denial about it. I'm sure this "I love Courney Love" look is just a faze, and when she's thirty, she'll look back and say "What the hell was I thinking?"
Seriously, Taylor, stick to your day job, and proper clothes.


Taylor's on one of the most contraversial shows on TV and Miley Cyrus is on Hannah Montana. Their audiences are polar opposites, so it's not a surprise if Taylor can get away with this and Miley would be eaten alive. Since the audience is so much older and mature, why is this such a big deal?


It's not like she even looks all that good. She just looks skanky.


OK people if yew were her and thought of this from her POV it would be fine. She is sixteen which means she's still a child trying to find her way. If this is it then let it be. And like other teenagers wouldnt do things like this ? So leave her the fuck alone.


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