Yet Another Grey's Anatomy Premiere Sneak Preview

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We've seen so many Grey's Anatomy videos for tonight's season premiere - not to mention the entire first five minutes of the episode - we're starting to think they're overdoing it a little with spoilers and might be risking just a little bit of overexposure here.

That said, this latest one, featuring Cristina and Owen, is sure to give their fans something to look forward to when the sixth season of Grey's returns this evening.

Below, they get hot and heavy as they talk about Hunt's therapist (and she momentarily debates skipping the funeral of one of her first Seattle Grace colleagues) ...

[video url="" title="Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Premiere Sneak Preview #7"] [/video]

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I never expected you not to talk about George. This was an episode about George's death and I would be crazy to tell people not to talk about him. It's just that THIS is actually a thread under the Cristina and Owen clip. For organisational purposes we should talk about stuff the thread is about. If I want to talk about Cristina I would know where to go, and if I would want to talk about George I would go to other threads. It's just feels like no one is allowed to put George's death aside and talk about other stuff these days, because every topic ends with "why is she smiling? George is dead!!!".
To make peace with George's fans I will adress his death right now. The whole episode would be SO much better if T.R. would agree to be in it. The guy didn't look like George at all, so the beginning of the episode seemed fake. The funeral scene - ok, they were giggly, but they were not happy. It was more like "George is dead - WTF?!". I think Shonda decided to do the 40 days thing in order to avoid having to put the mourning storyline in next 5 episodes or so. I guess she wanted to deal with it, adress it and move on. But this episode was all about George and I hope George's fans are at least a little bit satisfied. It may be controversial, but I think Cristina's reaction at the end was the most "real" to me. We know she tends to be weird about her reactions to hard matters in her life, but her realising at the end that "George O'Malley has died" was really huge. She's put that aside for 40 days, and suddenly it hit her and literally took her breath away. I think her and Bailey took it the worst. Cristina became cranky and insensitive, and so she did with every tragedy in her life so far. And Bailey - OMG this is pure depression. I really admire these two and I am not surprised that they're the ones who got Emmy's nominations so far.


This is for Blizz, nobody else:
This is George's death episode. How can you expect us not to talk about him. Like really?
There's going to be a lot about George tonight. He might be dead, but our love for him isn't, and I'll never forget George or stop loving him. The show killing him won't change that. I agree people shouldn't judge before the episode airs, and they should not complain before that but you can't tell George fans not to talk about him the episode where he dies.


No one is saying to stop talking about George, just watch the damn episode! If after that, it hasn't satisfied your expectations or done justice to what you wanted then ok. Sorry. It's done. Critics haven't been fond of GA since S2. Whatever. If I followed critics each time I go to see a movie or a TV show, I'd be severely disappointed by a lot. Where are these reviews? The sneak peeks haven't set the tone of the episodes. It is a fact. @greysgreysgreys, Try catching it online. Usually they post the episode about 20 minutes later on several sites.


I read 9 critics so far, and only one was good, and it came from someone who confessed he never cared about George. I have taped the first hour, so I'm expecting to watch. I do think we got a lot fo sneak peeks so far and that it gives a good idea of what we'll see tonight. I wasn't expecting big sob fest, but I was expecting more sadness than i'm seeing. They're acting like nothing extraordinary happened, like some stranger died. And yes, we have been told to stop complaining many times now. It seems if we're not singing the praises of Grey, we should shut up and I resent that. The show is not as good as it used to be. It isn't perfect and how can Shonda improve it if people don't say what they dislike about it? I really hate what the show did to George, and I won't pretend I don't.


We keep commenting about George because this episode is his funeral. His death. Are we not suppose to talk about George the episode of his funeral? Unreal. I love George and all I want is a funeral without any mention of George's private parts or disastrous sex life. All I want is an episode where no character actually comments about the improbability of George getting a pretty girl to fall for him. But I won't get that according to the review I left. He just died a hero, and the gang still treats him like some loser who couldn't possibly get any girl to fall for him. Making fun of George and his sexual life shouldn't be in this episode. That's all I wanted. Something respectful with no mockery of George. And so help me if they call him Bambi when he jumps in front of a bus, I will be so mad.


yall need to chill...why does everyone keep commenting about george...u kno he goes on!!!!! instead of being upset at a 1 minute clip that u kno when u watch the whole thing it proli wont semm the same!!! let's focus on how hot this scene is and how i wouldnt mine owen hunt's sexy ass buryin me into the ground!!!!!!!!


on the stairs...I meant to say on the stairs


Why is everyone having a problem with Cristina and Owen having sex, or trying to at least? Everyone was all excited with the clip of Mer and Derek at home one the stairs, we have to see the show to decide whats going on. Everyone mourns differently and Cristina isn't one to wear her heart on her sleeve.


Hey guys!! I can't watch any of these little clips on my BB... Could some one PLEASE describe what happened to me? THANKS SOOO MUCH!!!! See u all @ 9:00!!!!


No one is saying you don't get to complain, especially if George was your favorite character but all of this huge judging of the episode that hasn't aired yet. Plus, 1 minute previews don't make up 44 minutes. Or 88 since it's a two hour episode. Also, maybe I live under a rock but not really many reviews of the season premiere have been released and some that I've read say that it actually does justice (at least the first hour, the only released part) to George's death and how everyone struggles about it. I'm not sure what your expectations are (tragic funeral? constant crying? suicide attempts?) but GA has never really played by the books. They do have ghosts having sex with alive people. Just give the episode a chance. Maybe you'll be surprised.

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Just because we can live without something, it doesn't mean we have to.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

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