90210 Episode Stills, Clip from "Environmental Hazards"

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Next week's episode of 90210 is titled "Environmental Hazards." During the hour...

  • ... Naomi gets bad news about her test scores;
  • ... Sasha grows suspicious of Dixon;
  • ... Adrianna and Navid go on a double date with Teddy;
  • ... Silver is in for a shock.

Discuss these developments in our 90210 forum and watch a clip from the episode below:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/naomi-in-sweatpants/" title="Naomi in Sweatpants?!?"] [/video]

As always, return to TV Fanatic after each installment for a complete rundown, full of the latest quotes, opinions, music, photos and more. Below, click on various pictures from "Environmental Hazards" for an early look at the episode:

Double Date Time
Adrianna and Navid Picture
Pic of Silver

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