90210 Episode Stills, Clip from "Environmental Hazards"

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Next week's episode of 90210 is titled "Environmental Hazards." During the hour...

  • ... Naomi gets bad news about her test scores;
  • ... Sasha grows suspicious of Dixon;
  • ... Adrianna and Navid go on a double date with Teddy;
  • ... Silver is in for a shock.

Discuss these developments in our 90210 forum and watch a clip from the episode below:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/naomi-in-sweatpants/" title="Naomi in Sweatpants?!?"] [/video]

As always, return to TV Fanatic after each installment for a complete rundown, full of the latest quotes, opinions, music, photos and more. Below, click on various pictures from "Environmental Hazards" for an early look at the episode:

Double Date Time
Adrianna and Navid Picture
Pic of Silver

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I am aggree I love the new direction. Although I can say that I cannot wait for Jens' bitch ass to be taken down. I am ready for Naomi to find out it was her sister not Annie. Annie needs friends right now. I am so ready for that. Episode 10 cant come soon enough


ugh!!! i cant wait to see it!


I totally agree - thankgoodness for the new direction 90210 is going in! It rocks this season, way way way better than season one. It still doesn't rate as high as GG with me, but then again maybe nothing will, but I love watching it!


I'm loving 90210 this season. It's so much better compared to the last one. The season finale really was great and it took the show in another direction. It has the right amount of comedy and drama (believable drama). On the other hand, GG -which I used to looove- is getting worse and worse (although I still prefer it over 90210).

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.