90210 Spoilers: A Cougar for Dixon

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In response to our 90210 Round Table this week, a couple readers commented that they think Sasha is lying about her pregnancy in order to keep Dixon around.

It's an interesting theory.

But if this is Sasha's evil plan, it doesn't sound like it will work out.

Dixon and Sasha

According to producer Rebecca Sinclair, Dixon is about land a new love interest. A cougar, no less!

“A new woman comes into Dixon’s life, and she’s even older than Sasha. It’s someone we’ve met before.”

Hmmm... someone we've met before? A much older woman? Any idea who this could be? Share them now!

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maybe Jen, Naomi's sister :P


ya it will be great but one thing is really making me so mad that teddy and silver coming so closer to each other
just imagine teddy/silver (ewwww) so lame..
i don't think so silver/dixon will become closer to each other again but i really want them back like they were in previous season
and if they didnt make it then iam not gonna watch 90210 anymore


maybe hat IDK? but if it's that I love totally dixon's hat he seems so hot on episode 3 when he met Sasha!
anyway I really hope it's dixon mother I can't see him date with another old women and older than sasha after all the craps he have with her!
Please I want dixon mother back, that could be so interesting I would love silver/dixon's mother interaction talk about the Bipolar stuff or a debbie/dixon's mother or with annie too! Sixon Forever


what hats MEME??


I don't like Dixon's hats lol


Thanks Sandy to b with me.. frankly speaking!! SILVER/DIXON and NAVID r rockers and they truly made me watch this show(90210)..


I have the same feeling like you Mizi! silver/dixon are just soulmate


its jen duh!


it could be naomi's sister, or brenda maybe donna too!

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Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.