A Knock-Down Fight: Coming to The Big Bang Theory!

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With November Sweeps approaching, The Big Bang Theory will interrupt the domestic bliss between Penny and Leonard in order to entertain viewers.

According to executive producer Bill Prady, the new couple will have its first fight next month, a dust-up that he vows will be “a big, giant, knockdown, drag-out fight.”

Leonard and Penny in Bed

As told to TV Guide Magazine, Penny - still fuming - will run into Stuart, who she dated prior to getting with Leonard. Meanwhile, Prady says:

“Sheldon discovers that Penny and Leonard fighting is a little too reminiscent of his growing up back in Texas," so he tries to patch things up between them.

In other unexpected news: Wolowitz might get lucky... with a girl!

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I hope they stay together...if they break up at the first fight that's going to scream cop out. Even if they're going to do this Ross and Rachel style lets let the length of them as a couple this time last a while so it'll seem realistic. Why IS Stuart thrown into this? Boy, I hope it's not what I'm thinking it is...


Since Stuart seems to have cut short a date with Penny when she started saying Leonard's name, I can't see him taking advantage of a fight. But who knows? I wanna see more of Leslie too! Where is she?


Hopefully this is just a fight to further this couple along,TBBT has a golden pairing with Leonard and Penny. They are adorable together and I hope this pushes them to admit this is more than just dating and sex! Stewart is a strange addition to all of this she went on two dates with him and called Leonard's name out when they were kissing lol


I'm not Stuart's biggest fan. I hope Penny doesn't break up with Leonard for him. LAME!


I really hope that Penny doesn't go back to Stuart and/or cheat on Leonard, because she's not like that and realistically Stuart isn't either. If something like that happens I will be SO ANGRY. I like Leonard\Penny but when they strain the relationship to get views it makes me sick. I like Stuart too, but I thought we were past him being a threat. We can have Leslie without a threat to Penny, so let's have more Stuart, but NOT as a threat to Leonard. Where is Leslie this year, anyway?

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