First Promo For "The Grandfather: Part II"

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Below is our first look at next Monday's "The Grandfather: Part II," thanks to the promo that aired after last night's Gossip Girl episode.

It promises scandal, backstabbing, lip service, deceit and mud-slinging. Nice!

What do you think of this promo for next week's episode of Gossip Girl?

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[video url="" title="The Grandfather: Part II Promo"] [/video]

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cant wait for it to come out, no offence but Hilary Duff as Olivia??? wtf??? NOT suitable for gossip girl and i reckon they shud just kill off vanessa, she pisses me off lawlz.


I dont think Chuck is in this at all!
but I'm kinda looking forward to the catfight its actually funny to see and I'm sure they'll make up in the end cos they're mean to be best friend


wow isabel i couldn't have said it any better. there was something redeeming in blair during seasons 1 and 2. she had reasons for doing what she did, even if she was a bitch in the process. now, your description 'annoying, bitchy, non-popular (which pretty much means non-blair), immature girl' are right on. except i'll add unnecessary and headbandless to the list. (what has happened to her fashion?? and no headbands?? what the heck! but ya, the main part is her change in personality. i hate it! :( and chuck is sooooo boring now. i think they could have still made them interesting if they were in a monogamous relationship. they didn't have to make chuck a boring, serious, businessman and blair a winey backstabbing desperate girlfriend. the problem is this: the writers.


wtf is wrong with blair this season? i loved her through season 1 & 2... now it's like... she's taken 10 steps back and become this annoying, bitchy, NON-popular and immature girl. and chuck got boring ever since he got into a monogamous relationship. the only character who seems to be growing positively is dan. rufus did a horrible job raising little J because she's turned into a bipolar bitch who flips sides instantaneously.

Love s

chuck didn't push blair in the cake, B and C were standing together, then Serena appears from behind and push blair, chuck tries to help blair but fails.


I love Blair but i'm going to laugh Serena (and Chuck?) push her into the cake LOL
I can't wait to see it =D


Man if Chuck helped then I will have to hate him for an episode, but if he didn't then I hope he rips Serena a new one! It would be so awesome to watch Chuck flip out again especially against Serena who can hold her own and not Dan who... well lets admit has no taste for destruction.


When I first watched this-I was shocked. Hell no did Chuck just help Serena push Blairs face into that cake. But I watched it over and over again-and if you look very closely.. Blair and Chuck, I guess are walking out and Serena pushed Blair into the cake. Chuck does not take part in this. He is actually surprised. But thats one thing I dont like about Serena. She acts innocent but she isnt. She always doesnt want anyone to do anything wrong or be bad. But she always ends up doing some rotten things. Especially if someone goes ahead to do something for her or if things dont turn around the way she would like. For example last nights episode. Everything turned out great but she was still mad at Blair for what happened.


I should not do this, getting my hopes high cause I had them on yesterday's ep and I didn't like it, but watching this makes me think this ep will be amazing, love the part when serena is next to the destroyed cake and we could here blair saying the night is over and so our we... cant wait!!1


OHMYGOD! I am going to love this one. Though, I think Serena is annoying. Seriously.

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