Gossip Girl Caption Contest 75

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Welcome to the 75th edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest!

This week's winner is saarele. Congratulations on a job well done!

The winning entry now appears below this picture. This week's honorable mentions go out to Lisa, fashionrat and uknouloveme.

Thanks to everyone for playing as always!

New Mean Girls

J: So who wants to hear how I got the great Chuck Bass to tell me he's sorry?

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J : I got the thrown from Blair! But where's my CHCK BASS! **sigh
Minions : **sigh


Minion: Jenny I just love that halloween mask! Are you going as a stoner?
Jenny: What mask?
Minion 2: Shut up! thats her face!

N to the s

Jenny: So guys, want to know the real reason I look like this? I hit my head on the garage door seperating my room with my brother's. I've got amnesia, I can't remember my previous life.
Minion #1: Hence the perma-spaced out expression?
Jenny: ...I like hotdogs!

N to the s

Gah spelling error! Doesn't matter, I didn't like it anyway! Everyone's is soo good Ü Thanks for the feedback, Omar!

N to the s

Minion #1: So, I heard Bart Bass is actually alive.
Jenny: *Sighs* Goodbye penthouse suite, hello girage door.


Jenny: It's so funny how no matter what I wear, you copy.
Minion #1: No J, not even you could make us wear what you're wearing today.


Minion 1: You know J, you used to be kind of cute...
Minion 2: Yeah, what happened?
Jenny: Well remember that episode where I ran away from home? Yeah well I was broke and I needed some cash REALLY badly, and there was this guy--
Minions: Ohhhhh.
Minion 1: That explains it.


Girls on steps- Wow Jenny! How'd you get so good at using makeup to make sunglasses on your eyes?!


girl 1: wow i can't believe cindy lauper is eating lunch with us
jenny: wait. guys it's me, jenny
girl 2: haha i still don't get that reference


Gossip Girl: Spotted: J and her minions in their costumes for the opening of C's club. Jenny: So to be clear, we're going as ourselves to the opening right?
Minion 1: We certainly are.
Minion 2: You're so ingenious J- why should we pretend to be anything but our fabulous selves?
Jenny: (In a dreamy voice) I know, you three are going as my minions, and I'm going as queen of Constance...
Minion 3: I think you're going to need a headband to pull off that look J.

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