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Last week on Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair had a falling out after she used him in a scheme to take down V and win the honor of giving the NYU freshman toast.

Will they patch things up tonight? Will Chuck's much-anticipated hotel opening go as planned, paving the way for a huge career for the son of Bart Bass?

We'll find out in "How to Succeed in Bassness."

Meanwhile, Jenny's quest to rule the school comes between her and Eric, and things get interesting for Dan, who watches Olivia get sexed up in her movie.

Now that should be both awkward and funny.

We've seen some previews and promos, browsed through a photo gallery and read plenty of spoilers for tonight. All that's left is to watch - and discuss!


What do you think and hope will happen tonight on Gossip Girl?

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blair is such a bitch.
how can she do that to S? it's good thing that the party turned out for the better,
but it could have cost S's job. so, i guess she rather have chuck than a best friend.
you know, J and B aren't all that different.


Yeah Me too! I live in Australia and people on other forums have been referring to Eric wearing a bookie costume.. But I never saw Eric at the party. Can anyone help with a handy youtube link perhaps?


was there a missing scene from last night's episode? I live in Europe so I watch GG on the internet and the episode was only 37minutes long. right after the scene with Rufus giving candy to the kids (with the little Lady Gaga) it skipped to the scene where the cops took all the liquor from the bar. I think the mising scene must've been the mean girls doing sth to Eric and Jonathan. someone fill me in plz?


@dairlover just so you know, Dan is the last person they would pair with Blair, even if Chuck and Blair ever breaks up which is well is not likely happening this season for the fact, we deserved this we waited for 2 years for this. I dunno why you' re so worked up with DAIR, Blair looks down at Dan, and if they're as good as the next new platonic relationship, also Blair makes Dan sick. Also Dan is judgmental, that alone will never work out. Blair needs someone who understands her and knows her, not just someone to have a witty banter with, and that's Chuck. Moving on from the none sense, that's more crappier than NAIR, that's long gone, DAIR will be next :) Kudos on this episode, I'm starting to like Jenny, it took me 2 years and I felt the wrath of Queen J. Also I see another Serena and Blair fall out,something to spice this season with the lack of ANGRY CHAIR SEX, and yay for Chuck and Blair, although it lacks sexiness but I'll like what I can get from this !!! (just to rub it in to NAIR and DAIR fans)


I'm really liking Jenny's character in this episode! I feel like I can really identify with her - that scene when Lily asks, "Does this still even fit?" and Jenny starts stammering, "Of course it does! Why wouldn't it? I mean, of COURSE it still fits." - so completely familiar! The combination of eating disorders and finding her new identity, fitting in with the new social scene at school... it all sounds familiar yet intriguing. Two thumbs up, GG writers! This is the first time in months I've actually liked Jenny!


If there is no sex scene with chair this or maybe next episode I will be utterly ashamed of GG!!!


I think all of this cute little boyfriend/girlfriend chair stuff could kill it. I'm hoping for hot make up sex


theres nothing decent about it i was jst excited abvout them i didn't read the other comments i just put the couple i liked. i didnt think it would upset anyone.


omg i would kiss chuck if i were in front of him and guide him to more private room, he looks beyond sexy...
on chuck and blair i hope that their making up would be sincere, they need to be sincere to make the relationship work... and yeah i could really use some sex scene.. last sex scene was on the finale and she was seduccing him so i miss them being kind of kinky


Ahh yay. Comes on tonight. Cannot wait!!! :):):) Super excited for tonight's episode. I guess I just love halloween, and Jenny/Eric.


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