Gossip Girl Spoilers: A Blair-Serena Fight

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It had been too long, we were starting to wonder.

Blair and Serena haven't been involved in a nuclear fight in a good while now, but Michael Ausiello of EW says it's just a matter of time until that changes.

Here's what he has to say in his weekly Q&A ...

Q: I’m tired of some people bitching about Gossip Girl being in some kind of creative slump or funk this year. I’m loving this season. Got any good scoop?

A: I’m (mostly) loving this season, too. The Chuck-Blair stuff continues to be immensely satisfying. And Hilary Duff isn’t as annoying as I predicted.

On the scoop front, there’s a big Blair-Serena blow-up coming. The frenemies will definitely be on the outs for a little bit.

What do you think it's all about?

What a Pair

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There are no other guys they could successfully put and keep Blair together with. Nate -- don't even think about it. If somebody is not over anyone, it's Nate. He has unresolved relationship issues with everyone. Instead of resolving those issues, he is expanding his circle of love interests. Dan is a drunken idiot and Chuck's amusement for the night. Enough said. Don't even go there. Blair Waldorf says Ew. Carter is not even a regular on the show, and it should be against the law to let him have Leighton in both TV and real life. Jack is safely tucked away somewhere at the Australian outback, with the Road Warrior's dingo chewing on his foot. Possible NYU hipster doofus's need not apply. So unless there is another motherloving Lord in the making, Chuck and Blair will be on and off for the long haul. And that's how we like it, because only those two combine well in the grand scheme of things. I liked those geeks from NYU, by the way. The Masters of the Universe gang. They add greatly to the comedy. They remind me of the Seinfeld gang. They have a great Kramer, Costanza, and an Asian Jerry. All good casting picks, by the way. Tons of talent for comedy roles. *nods*nods* (still thinking if i'm to completely agree or not. oh well. time's up. i just agree.) personally, id like to see chuck revert back to his old ways and rape lil lizzie mcguire, like he tried to do lil j Now that's just LMFAO


I have been very dissapointed by this season so far. Chair is not actually as exciting as it should be, their fights are pathetic and nowhere near as good as the previous seasons. Nate seems irrelevant, Vanessa is still annoying, Serena needs a good slap on her face (how selfish and spoilt a person can be!) Dan is boring as always, Blair is weak and I WONT EVEN go to the whole Jenny story! I hope it picks up as it lucks an excitment so far... so maybe a serena/blair fight will be good though as i said blair has been pretty weak and serena seems to never pay for all the crap she does so we know how its going to go... Hopefully they will fight over Nate, it will make him less irrelevant, Chuck might actually get angry, and I LOVED THE Whole Chuck, Nate, Blair love triangle in season one (not in season 2, when it started and ended randomly like the writers were rushing though it!)


Blair & Chuck are the best part of the show...Always!! That's especially true this season. Blair & Chuck are truly meant-to-be and I totally believe they are endgame!!! Season 3 is not as good as Season 1 creatively & storyline-wise so far, but is already better than the last third of Season 2 (after episode 15 of S2 it went down the drain in a MAJOR way until episodes 24 & 25 of S2).
I think it will get even better as S3 progresses--as long as CHAIR leads the way!!!


i guess this season is ok...i don't really like nate's story line...i think that carter and serena were good together and he shouldn't have left..
you know the only thing that really bugs me is that we haven't seen blair really happy; she was happy for like 5 minutes at the end of last season...and this season, the writers have only given her things to be mad/sad about...be it problems at nyu or (in this last episode)Chuck..and now serena??? come on! let the girl be happy for once!


I think I've read somewhere that the Blair / Serena argument has something to do with Chuck and Serena conflicting and Blair taking Chuck's side rather than Serena's. Serenate will probably happen later, but both characters have been quite dull this season, so I hope there's some excitement around it, rather than them just falling into eachother's arms because they find themselves in the same place at the same time.


personally, id like to see chuck revert back to his old ways and rape lil lizzie mcguire, like he tried to do lil j

Fackin alpha

"I’m (mostly) loving this season, too. The Chuck-Blair stuff continues to be immensely satisfying." Ugh.


Wooo for B and S fight! S and N together. Mmm. Imagine what their kids will look like.
B is kinda still smitten by N, clearly (the Bree fiasco). Woot. Woot. OR it could be bout the club opening and S and Chuck getting close. Who knows. Can't wait.


i miss the angry chair sex *sighs*


ok this has nothing to do with the topic but ... does blake has a tattoo in her arm , idk i cant see very well , but theres something that looks like it in her arm

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