Gossip Girl Spoilers: The Return of ... Bart Bass?!

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Is Bart Bass somehow alive? Or returning to Chuck in a vision of some sort? At this time, details are sketchier than Bart's business practices, but it looks like the Bass patriarch is indeed coming back, according to E! Online.

They have been teasing the return of a dead TV father on an unknown show for weeks, and it looks like it's none other than good ol' Bart.

See what you make of these excerpts from website's spoiler Q&A today ...

Q: Will Carter be back on Gossip Girl? Is Georgina gone for good?

A: Friends at the CW say there are currently no plans to bring back Carter. Michelle Trachtenberg is starring in Mercy on NBC, so she looks otherwise occupied at the moment as well. We took your question to her, and she answered:

"Georgina has taken a little trip. She's gone off with a man she thinks is a Russian prince. But, by now you know that as Georgina goes, you never see the end of her. She always finds a way to come back and torment."

Bart Bass Gazes

Bart Bass passed away in the middle of Season 2 ... or did he?

Q: Spill it! Who's the dead father who's coming back?

A: It's actually Bart Bass of Gossip Girl. How crazy is that?! A source says Robert John Burke (Chuck's dad) will be returning to the show in December, just in time to make it a very special Gossip Girl Christmas.

P.S. When I hinted that "two blondes will be atwitter" I was referring to Lily Rhodes van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey and Gossip Girl herself (the narrator voiced by Kristen Bell), who will certainly Twitter the news!

But, of course, Serena also would count.

Anyway, what do you think of this latest twist? Does Bart really come back or is it just a flashback or dream? Share your theories!

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Maybe the death of Bart was a dream Lily had to fulfill her fantasy to be with Rufus. Now that she and Rufus are about to have problems, Bart is resurrected. PS--I don't think Lily and Rufus are legally married---why did the pseudo-minister even make a comment about how she got the license on some internet website!!!!


Maybe bart faked his death because he was unsure of Lily's feelings for him. If you look back, you can see that Lily and Rufus definitely had some chemistry going on, and it seemed like Bart suspected it too. Maybe he faked his own death to see if Lily would move on, and now that she has, he will come back.


I'm guessing that it's some kind of flash back, dream, or ghostly visit.. since wasn't there a spoiler or rumor that Chuck's mom would be making an appearance this season? I could totally see Bart & Misty visiting Chuck from the dead or something.


@ Chuckaholic. now that's just weird. your thoughts are eccentric. go have some meds.


I'm happy now. Question: What’s this I’m hearing about Bart Bass returning from the dead on Gossip Girl? Is he alive or is it a flashback? —Fernanda Ausiello: It’s neither. Totally unrelated question: Are you a fan of A Christmas Carol, Fernan?


ok my thoeries;
1) The bart bass that we all knew is not really bart bass but is in fact someone pretending to be him for all of chucks life the real bart bass was SUSPECTED dieing in that fire all those years ago in the apartment insurance fraud thing nd the bart bass we new was a look alike! explains why chuck nd bart were never very father son like, why jack was keepth in australia because he would recodnise his own brother nd how a old character can come back to life without this becoming supernatural! The bart bass that comes back is the real bart bass who never really died in the fire just suffered severe injurys.
2) Since the scare of dan finding out about the man dieing etc bart was on edge nd once he new he had lost lily nd well we all thought chuck would b better off without bart. Bart thought he was not needed anymore, and after what he saw happen to the archibalds he couldnt risk getting found out so he faked his own death with the help of his money nd secret society people and dissapeared
3)Bart being a man hore like chuck had many chidren all over the world and that is why he didnt spend much time with chuck because he was busy flying around in his private jet being a different person in every contry with all his different familys. Seeing as againn he lost lily he thought chuck didnt need him he decideded to try harder aon his other children nd "died" for chuck! but now he realises that he cant just abandon his son so he is back!!
4) i really like the witness protection programe idea from earlier!
5) Bart broke the rules in the secret society so they had to make him dissapear! but now hes escaped nd he wants vengence againnst the society!
6) Chucks mum is alive nd chuck also has a hole big family with bros nd sis's nd everything but wen he was born they were all taken away with witness protection/ hid by the secret society because of apartment fraud killing anyway only chuck nd his dad were left, but bart got news that the rest of the family were in trouble nd instead of tellin chuck the truth he faked his own death so that he would be free to dissapear nd help the bass family, nd now hes bk with the rest of the basses
7) Bart is gay with serenas dad nd he faked his own death so he could go off nd live with him in paris with blairs dads
8) nd if we are goin the supernatural way = chucks business is finally working out really well so he shakes his magic acorn nd brings his dad back to life in order to see if he is proud
9) or blairs really a witch (no not another word beginning with b) nd she decides that chucks best christmas pressie would be to se his dead father so she brings him back to life...TADA!
10) or jack thinkin that he would get bass industries if bart was dead but not able to actually kill his bro, kidnaps bart nd fakes his death!


I say its a flashback. If he's coming back around the anniversary of his death then it has to be a holiday flashback. Like Chuck and Blair are still going to be together and of course they are staying in Manhattan for the holidays. And Chuck starts having flashbacks of his father and dreams during the episode. And by episodes end, Chuck finally makes peace and comes to terms with his fathers death. Cause I highly doubt he's over it


that would definitely SUCK!


Say Bart really wasn't dead, would that mean Lily and Rufus technically wouldn't be married because Lily would still be married to Bart. Just saying but that would definitely suck!


Can someone explain to me what ''atwitter'' means? I'm not that great in English and I would like to know the meaning... THANKS!

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