Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Mark's Mystery Woman

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We've hinted for some time at a rough patch on the way for Mark and Lexie. But here's another piece of the puzzle courtesy of Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly.

See what you make of this item ...

Q: I love Grey’s Anatomy but what’s this I hear about trouble on the horizon for Mark and Lexie? Who is this supposed mystery woman from Mark’s past?

A: From what I've gathered thus far, I believe she hails from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and has McSteamy DNA coursing through her veins.

Thoughts? Theories? Share!

Mark Sloan, M.D.

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i bet it's a daughter from an old relationship


Not necessarily. By saying 'Not that I know of' is a huge sign that he hasn't been an one woman guy, so it's most likely that she is his daughter after all. Besides, no one said that he knows her. And if he did, he'd probably know her as a baby and now truth is coming out.


I doubt it's his daughter i remember watching a episode of Grey's & a patient asked Mark if he had any kids & he said not that i know of or something like that :) Plus if he really did have a daughter we would of known about it earlier instead of having to wait later in the seasons


He is an only child. He was pretty much alone as a kid.. his parents didn't even want kids and they left him alone almost everyday. Mrs Shepherd always told Derek to bring him home to sleep. So no parents, no siblings are coming to Seattle. I really, really think she is his daughter.. if she is, it's definetly not going to be easy and I hope Mexie stay strong through all of this and whatever is in store for them.. They are my second favourite couple after MerDer so I want them to stay together!! But.. Wow.. God.. she is six younger than Lexie:O. [And Mark is definetly going to be shocked too.. remember they boy with no ears in season 4.. called him dad as a joke?!!] I can't wait for that episode.. 6x10 right?!


so i'm pretty sure she's mark's kid. thanx to the dna clue she's not his past lover thank god!!! and i'm pretty sure mark was an only child. i don't know why i think that but i feel like it's been mentioned in an episode. any way's as long as she's not his ex-lover i'm good. but i'm fearing how lexie's gonna handle playing mommy to a girl almost her age.


I bet it's his daugther, because I found out who the actress is: it is Leven Rambin and she's only 19 years old...


Scratch that! I just found out that the actress playing her is 19 years old, so obiously she is playing his daughter! But my theory about shoulders still stands!


Judging by the foto, even though she is shown from the back, is she to jung to be his daughter and to old to be his mother, but she is just the right age to be his sister! he shoulders are bare, and you can tell alot about a persons age going by their shoulders!


i sure hope its his sister because that is possible and he doesnt know it because there can be siblings that far apart i know of people who have siblings that much older than them so i just hope it is his sister because think about it a daughter, mcsteamy that girl is only 6 years younger than lexie that would probably ruin everything mark and lexie HAVE to stay together its a must!


I really hope that if it is really bad Lexie and Mark can work it out. To tell the truth MerDer used to be my favorite couple on greys.
but then Mark and Lexie came along.
I like Owen and Christina but not as much as I like Mexie.
Shonda Rhimes.....Please for the Mexie fans, please keep our favorite couple together. I dont even care if their off for a while like MerDer.
thank you.

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