Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: Pink Slip Party

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The insightful Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly has unearthed some good Grey’s Anatomy gossip for this week's episode and beyond. Here's what he's got:

Q: All I ask for this morning is some scoop from one of my “G” shows: Glee, Greek, Gossip Girl, or Grey’s Anatomy.

A: Here’s something on Grey’s Anatomy: Seattle Grace’s merger with Mercy West claims its first victim this week. (Hint: The pink-slipped party is female and has been around since Season One. And no, it’s not Meredith. Or Izzie. Or Cristina. Or Bailey.)

Q: Is there any good Grey’s Anatomy scoop?

A: There is if you’re a Calzona 'shipper: Seattle Grace Hospital's token lesbians make it official this week. Well, at least officialish.

Who gets the pink slip? What do you suppose "officialish" means? Are you excited to see Callie and Arizona play a bigger role in this season of the show? Are they your favorite couple on Grey's or one of your favorites at least? Discuss in the comments!

Dr. Arizona Robbins
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It can only be nurse Olivia!


It's Olivia...who else would it be?


The actress that plays Olivia is listed in the cast for this episode, so yeah, she's a goner. I like Arizona. Too happy for my taste but she brings something else to the show. A few more hours. :) Good night smoker.


and with derek and the chief


sorry for my english it's still so early, it's 23 pm here, and I have to wait till 8 am tomorrow, with good luck will upload the chapter soon I hope you tell what happens to cristina, the fired "nurse" and with lexie and that guy is going to hit her


it has nothing to do with the whole topic,but mari.. I MISS GEORGE TOO :(((( I'm used to search for his name in the spoilers and I still do!!


My guess Olivia Georges Skanky Syphister. :)


Don't care for Callie/Arizona...Callie should be w/Mark. No, I'm not excited about them having more screen time. More screen time for the original cast, I say.


Well, Sydney wasn't in season 1, so I am going along with those saying it's Olivia. Nurse Syphilis might have to go :)Well, but this is so tame, sending off a character everyone had forgotten about anyway. Ooh, and where could I see the promo photos, Mari? Thanks!


I think the Pink Slip party lady is Sydney. She hasn't been a big role in any episodes so far so this may be her big break!
Please reply back to me if anybody else thinks its sydney or doesn't!

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