Heroes: Desperate for Ratings, Aiming for Record High Shark-Jumping

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Heroes is coming off its series low in ratings.

The NBC drama must, therefore, be happy that its most desperate cry for attention will air next week, as the following photo confirms the dreadful rumor that's been making its way around the Internet for months:

Claire will, indeed, give the same sex a shot, as she makes out with roommate Gretchen on next week's episode. Sigh, shake your head and see for yourself:

Desperate Heroes Scene

Claire and Gretchen, sitting in a dormitory, K-I-S-S-I-N-G? Speak with other fans in our Heroes forum about this astounding development.

Trust is, the actual scene is brief and Claire doesn't reciprocate the kiss. But is there ANY doubt that this was all planted awhile ago just to scare up buzz for a struggling series?

It's sad, but true.

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Matt richenthal

But that isn't the point at all, Michael. Can anyone seriously believe this wasn't planned just to get Heroes buzz?
Moreover, ratings don't drop because critics diss a show. That's just silly. About nine million more people watched the show two years ago and now nine million fewer watch it. NINE MILLION! Critics didn't MAKE these people do anything, obviously.


Did you even watch the clip? They do not "make out". You barely see it, it last about 2 seconds, it's an entirely one way kiss, and Claire doesn't reciprocate. Of course the ratings are going to drop when people keeping shitting on the over the smallest little thing. *rolls eyes* Give a rest already.


Jesus, people, is a same sex kiss really all that controversial anymore?

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