Heroes Recap: "Acceptance"

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We're sorry, fans. We know you'll eat us alive for this, but we must be honest:

What an ATROCIOUS episode of Heroes. Following an intriguing end to last week's installment, it's shocking they followed it up with an hour entirely focused on...

  • Hiro going back in time in order to save a stranger that wanted to kill himself, due to the shame he brought his family... for photocopying his butt;
  • Tracy coming to the shocking realization that her former boss only wanted her back for sex.
  • Nathan having flashbacks to the accidental death of his high school sweetheart.

Yes, the end of the episode was intriguing, but the rest of the hour felt like complete and utter filler, just to get to the supposedly shocking reveal. What was that reveal? Find out now in our recap of "Acceptance."

The Political Game

Is there a single viewer alive that cares one iota about Tracy at this point? Sound off on her, and tonight's episode in general, in our Heroes forum!

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I have to chime in as well with my support for Michael O'Conner's post - I just watched the episode finally, and loved it. Actual character development! I think ya'll were grumpy because it didn't develop any of the wowie-zowie plot points of the over all storyline. But in smaller ways it pushed things ahead nicely for a few characters. Season 4 so far is WAY better than anything in season 3.


M.L. House: In regard to Hiro, I think you're missing the point of what they're trying to do with him entirely this season. The guy is dying" Yes, he did comment on how dangerous the "Butterfly Effect" was, but thanks to Samuel's "intervention", he has come to the realisation that maybe, just maybe, there is something he can do. But let me repeat, he's dying,and the fact that he knows he's dying is something that scares him, I think. I think he's *desperate* to fix as many things as he can before he dies, and I think his actions right now are entirely borne out of that desperation. Notice how he completely ignores Ando's concern for him, and how Ando keeps pointing out that he's refusing to deal with the truth. How the hell is that inconsistant? Are these characters not allowed to have flaws, doubts, or a crisis of faith? Wasn't that the whole point of the show? Frankly, I consider this the best stuff they've done for Hiro and Ando since season one.


I agree with Michael O'Connor. I feel that the staff has become kind of cynical towards the show. While last night was not my favorite episode, it was not the worst I have ever seen. But I do agree about Tracy. Why is she still on the show?


I agree with you "Michael O'Connor"
The setting for this whole volume is much more interesting than 3rd, just like the name says, Is's so Redemption. We all know that there are mess in 3rd season, and it's always take time to clean. But slowly, I can see each characters are putting back on their tracks. The fun part of watching Heroes for me is always experience how they deal with thier gifted lives (either US or THEM :D). Showing off their power all the time, like season 3 did, is not gonna cut it for me.
They are special, yes, but also living in the very same society as us. So Flying won't put your meal on the table, right?. As for this episode, I like a brief interaction between Claire and Peter. How they talk about the power like something so normal, it make me feel like they are human being (once again), not a heroes in a spandex suit.

Matt richenthal

I wrote the post and I can respond Michael O'Connor: I wasn't just focusing on the employee's photocopying actions. I was focusing on how utterly inane and pointless Hiro has become.
Do you remember him from seasons one and two? He absolutely drove the show. Now, he's reduced to a bumbling fool. Nothing he does or says even makes sense.
Remember just two weeks ago, when he made a big deal out of NEVER changing the past? Now, that's the entire focus of his life! Moreover, the show has ignored everything about the "Butterfly Effect." Hiro apparently can just go back and forth through time, with no effects at all on the present. The series, literally, can't stay consistent in its storytelling from week to week


Wanna know what I think? I'm a completely stranger, so probably not, so here it goes anyway. You, the staff that follow this show, have become so cynical towards the failings of the show in past series that you've completely swept over the huge strides this season of the show has taken, even during this episode. The title was "Acceptance", and that was the entire purpose of this episode; those characters coming to accept the circumstances they have been dealt. I must be the only one who found this compelling. You completely missed the point of the story with the guy who kept photocopying his ass. Sure, that was played for laughs slightly, but the point was that he hated his job and wanted to get away. Shame, respect and honour are a big deal in Japan; his family were probably disgusted at his actions. But you choose instead of focus on his (admittedly humorous) actions. I also think you're being way too presumptuous in regard to where this story is going, or how it will end. The crew have done a much better job setting down the intrigue this season; at least give them a chance to play it out before you jump the gun.


I was annoyed that Hiro, knowing every time he uses his power brings him closer to death, was willing to use it to save some jackass who kept photocopying his arse! And this was written by the 'great' Bryan Fuller?!
I love Hiro, I don't want him to die, I want him better written.


Another thing: If you end one episode with a bunch of mystery about a character.... START THE NEXT EPISODE WITH THAT CHARACTER DOING SOMETHING INTERESTING! At times I feel like the new writers they hire for this show just jump into everything mid-stride without even so much as watching any of the previous episodes.


I'm gonna have to agree that this episode was a whole lot of filler. 1) I liked that Nathan seemed to be accepting his new abilities, but it was far too short-lived. 2) Tracy's story is boring so far. 3) I wasn't entirely aware that HRG was ever really DONE with chasing people with abilities. His whole come around was very anticlimactic. 4) I must say that I liked Hiro's story a lot, but mixed in with all this other filler it just felt sort of blah and like one more lesson for Hiro. I've come to learn that Hiro learns things a lot, but never does much with those lessons. I LOVE this show to death, but unfortunately I don't see the rest America killing it with kindness. They have a new way to tell stories and they've placed a lot of their characters back on the right track and given them their rightful awesome emo haircuts. Now do something with it all!


It wasn't THAT bad. Just... not good. Not remotely good.

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