Leighton Meester Releases New Song, "Somebody to Love"

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Leighton Meester, scored a big hit in tandem with Cobra Starship on "Good Girls Go Bad" this summer. Now she's singing about finding "Somebody to Love."

The actress we know and love as Blair Waldorf, who is also an aspiring singer, debuted her new track this morning on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show.

"I really wanted to make something completely different," Leighton told Ryan. "I feel like it's dancey and fun, but still laid-back, relaxed, moody and sexy."

The track, which features Robin Thicke, is the first single off the Gossip Girl star's first album, which she hopes will be released by the end of the year.

Check it out and see what you think of Leighton's latest ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/somebody-to-love/" title="Somebody to Love"] [/video]

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The RumerMills review of this video sums it up perfectly. I am also a massive fan of Blair’s but this is a total Madonna rip-off and its a wee bit porno… http://www.rumermills.com/2009...


I don't like this song. Her voice is pretty ordinary in it.


also wanted to add that it's hard to judge a person's singing by just one song. artists usually have a variety of songs. there's going to be some that are more commercial/pop and some that show off there true talents. without a mix of the two, albums become boring. look at mainstream music today and the songs that they play on the radio. more than half of the songs rely on the music and just the beat but people still have fun with them.


i really like this song. although it doesn't show off her voice as some of her other songs, it's catchy and has a good beat. a good song doesn't necessarily have to show off a singer's best voice. as long as people enjoy it and it's entertaining, its achieved its purpose. similarly a song that shows off a singer's full range doesn't mean it's great or enjoyable. i think leighton has a great voice and even if it doesn't fit everyone's tastes, i'm sure it's NOT horrible like some have said. it may be mediocre to some, but there's no need to bash her singing so much. also, i'm not saying all this because i like her character in GG. if she really didn't have talent and sang typical stuff like lindsey lohan, paris hilton, etc.., i wouldn't be interested in her songs at all. i find her voice to be very interesting and unique. even if she wasn't on GG, i'd still like her music.


It was ok I guess. Nothing really special, I think she should stick to acting. To me it just sounded like a remake of an old 80's dance hit.


It is a simple song... :D


oh god its terible!


i thought it would be something different... i don't really like it.


another autotuned song or I should say another prove she doesn't sing,in all her "songs" her voice sounds different and generic anyone could be singing. SAD¡¡


I love Leighton but her singing is horrible... I think she's a great actress and she should just stick to that.


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