Leona Lewis Turns Down Chace Crawford Kiss

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Sorry, Chace Crawford. Even you don't stand a chance with Leona Lewis.

The singer turned down a chance to kiss the Gossip Girl hunk when he appeared in her latest video because it might make her beau, Lou Al-Chamaa, jealous.

"They wanted me and Chace to kiss in the 'I Will Be' video. But I said no way," she tells the U.K magazine Sugar, adding that Chace is just not her type.

"He needs roughing up a bit! He'd be a really pretty girl … He's so beautiful, I mean, look at him," she says. "But I just don't think of him like that."

"But mostly it wouldn't be fair to Lou to kiss other guys."

Chace and Leona

Chace Crawford in Leona Lewis' music video.

Lewis, 24, has been with her boyfriend since she was 17, and known him even longer. She says that at age 10, she thought her neighbor was "sooo cute."

She still does.

The singer, who recently defended her relationship with the electrician, says she loves his eyes, and teases: "Sometimes I'll look at him and be like, 'You have really nice eyelashes, can I put mascara on them?'"

Maybe having her kiss Chace wouldn't be so bad after all.

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Hahaha! Sugar is for, like, 12/13 year-olds! I think it's so odd that they cover interviews with or about GG stars in Sugr, but not in Okay/Heat/Look . . .
Also, I used to read Sugar when I was younger and one time a girl wrote into the Sgony Aunt pag cause she'd got a pen lid stuck up her va-jay-jay.


I like her attitude towards her bf - its more realistic than I would've imagined. On a side note, most of the article is copied word-per-word from the original that appeared on People.com ... maybe you guys should try putting things in your own words instead of just copy-pasting.


I love her, she's so real and faithful :)
And the fact that she's going out with someone she's had a crush on since she was 10 proves what sort of person she is :)


Didn't this video come out months ago.. old news guys


That is soo cute that she has been with her boyfriend since she was 17, and had a crush on him since 10! talk about WOW
Is hilarious how everyone says Chace would make a beautiful women, I've read that in some other interviews with the cast


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