NBC Source: This Will Be Final Season of Heroes

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The following announcement doesn't come as a shock, but it's still disheartening for those of us that have watched Heroes from the start:

A source at NBC is confident this will be the final season of the show.

"There isn't much happening with this show in terms of audience, and giving it a 'final chapter' feel is something the network is considering to help allow the show to go out with a bang," the insider told airlockalpha.com.

During its first season, Heroes peaked around 15 million viewers. These days, it averages approximately six million.

Hospitalized Hiro

Hiro represents the downfall of Heroes. The character has been wasted for three seasons now.

The show does have a loyal fan base, however, which includes some at NBC the source said. Just not anyone high up at the company.

"To keep a show like this going despite its numbers requires some nostalgic connection to it, and while there are a lot of people here who were part of bringing Heroes to the air, they are not in the decision-making capacities," said the insider, adding what many fans have feared for many months:

"I don't think this should surprise anybody. The writing has been on the wall for some time."

Nothing is finalized, of course. If Tim Kring is reading this right now, how would you advise him to improve the show in order to keep it on the air?

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1. Give Peter back his powers.
2. Bring back Future/Bad Ass Hiro.
3. Fix Sylar.
5. Put some peril in to the stories!!!
6. Make these people fight using their powers!!! If I wanted to normal people living their lives, I would look in the mirror.


Hello Tim, I was an avid fan and loyal to a fault. I watched heroes every week and even put up with many disappointing story lines. I have since tappered off the show as have my friends. Here's what I would of liked to see: the whole tracy triplet thing with nikki and barbara. Why is she not pursuing her sister I would. DR. Zimmerman where is he? Mohinder get rid of him he served his purpose in season one. Bring back speedster, get rid of sylar from Matt's head and put him back in his own body so he can kill the new villains. tie the loose ends, what happened to Meredith is she really dead? Micah and monica why are they not a part of Tracy's life? Bring back Candace she rocked and was a beleivable villain. See you have plenty to work with. unfortunately I may not stick around to find out. If I were a wrter on the show I would have a field day writing you out of this slump.


Hi everyone. Thanks so much for all your comments, and for you years of love for our show. But I'm here to say, unfortunately, that the joke is on you. You see, I lost interest in this show at around episode 3 of season 2. I spend most of my time on my estate, counting the money I made that first year. Meanwhile, I hired a few yes-men and troglodytes to do the day to day grunt work of milking this cow for all it's worth. Honestly, I couldn't care less about Heroes - actually, I haven't even seen an episode of this season. Someone told me that Sylar is stuck inside Parkman's brain? Whoa, that's ridiculous. So relax everyone - Heroes is already over as far as I'm concerned. Next I'm going to do some retarded cop show, like CSI Cicinnati, or whatever, something that is highly formulaic and doesn't require any creativity. Or maybe a touching family drama. It'll be awesome...for ME.


Kill the storyline and make a new one. Instead of the characters being connected or knowing each other, try to do the opposite. It's kind of funny how the writers dont observe the big picture of things. When you create a show with super power individuals, you know you have to make it believable. Which means less talking and more action. All the talking really doesnt define a hero. It's their actions that defines them. HRG needs to take a seat, plain and simple. He really doesn't have a purpose. He should be kept in the dark, just like Sylar in the first season. No company means, no job and purpose.
Also, everyone with powers are completely reserve of to show who they really are, therefore, why all the heroes know each other? What is the purpose of this? Keep the story the way it was in the first and second season. Start from and change everything from season 3 and 4.


Your redemption arc is going good, but you must fix HIRO as soon as possible. No more Tracy. I wanted her and HRG to team up...thats obviously not going to happen now. Even HRG has no main storyline.


Tim, This season has some real issues. I love the show and own all the seasons thus far. Here are some complaints: 1. Claire's story is going no where. I feel like I am watching 90210 rather than an episode of Heroes, in a depressed manner of course. No one on an episode of Heroes wants to watch the ugly girl from the Nanny, of which no one liked on that show either, lust after Claire. Maybe a storyline for a different show but not Heroes. What in the world were you thinking???? When that crap is on I generally go to the bathroom or find a snack until it moves on to something more interesting. 2. Peter should have never lost his ability to retain numerous powers. It would have been so intriquing to see him continue to progress rather than pulling a power here and pulling a power there. He would have been the main force for good on the show...which is how he started out and everyone loved it. I feel like he is being cheated this year. 3. Sylar is evil...and he needs to stay that way. Having him run around taking powers was awesome...and what people loved and enjoyed and him. You need additional vilians though...those who can compete with him or even join forces..and to which Peter tries to destroy. 4. Hiro should have continued to develop. I mean in the future he was seen as someone who was powerful...and good at saving the world. I also loved the comic relief he brought to the show. You guys are really screwing this one up! 5. Tracey Strauss is boring! Kill her off permanently. She has had 3 chances to get people to like her...none worked! The only thing good about her was her son Mica...who I would love to see more of and her husband to which you killed. His character had much potential. 6. The new kid...the one who was killed this week for killing his parents...was the best new character you have added. And you kill him?? Why? Don't create a great new hero and then kill him. His character had so much potential. Kill off the already boring ones like Tracey Strauss. 7. I am ok with Nathan being dead. His character served a purpose and now it is over...and just let him die and rest in peace. 7. What about the young guy that hung out with Sylar when Sylar was going to visit his Dad? He would make a great vilian! Bring him back. Would love to see him and Sylar face off. 8. The carney group has potential. I enjoyed the way Samuel took out the police officers this past week by collapsing the building. We need more stuff like that to keep us interested. 9. I don't like Lydia...and the ink thing. Maybe she needs to be killed off... 10. Matt Parkman has really grown on me. I like the way he struggles all the time. Continue his storyline....he has been a force for good in the past. Why not let that continue. At this point the bad certainly outweighs the good. 11. Peter's new girlfriend. BORING!


Terrible news and I hope its not true and something and give us at least one more season. Oh really sorry but LOL@Picazo I love this show too but come on!


F.D Im going to post at NBC right away because this show must FKN survive....


Fuck Tim Kring and fuck you too, F.D.


You people know NBC has heroes forums of its own right? If you want Tim to read anything you should post it there.


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[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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