Sneak Preview: "The Grandfather: Part II"

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Below is a sneak preview clip from "The Grandfather: Part II." As the promos teased last night and this morning, the Blair-Serena rivalry has been rekindled.

That may be putting it mildly.

As you'll see in the first sneak peek at next Monday's Gossip Girl, the frenemies are at it again, looking to upstage one another in an all-too familiar fashion.

Who will prevail?

[video url="" title="The Grandfather: Part II Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

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blair is really annoying this season! i used to love her bitchiness because she was a good person anyway.but this season she is acting like a stupid,selfish and pure evil person, she needs to be calm down.she has chuck bass!what could be important than this for her.she is really bad without any reason.
but of course it's just a tv show,and because of all the drama and chuck bass we all love to watch her :)
but in the real world i would be team serena :)


MarsBlair lol!!!
I think one compliments the other. Light and dark, although I have always found Serena to be too fluffy! e.g. her new job!!! WTF. She could do with some education. As could all the others, none of them seem to go to class. Going to college has made them dumb down. Definately Serena/Blake could take Blair/Leighton in a fight e.g. Serena Godzilla v Blair Tweety Pie!!! On a side note why do people get so upset with other peoples opinions? It's just a TV show.
Also I think the falling ratings is because the show has become 'tired' and I blame!!! who knows!!
I was thinking about all the shows I loved: The L word, Californication, Sex in the City and of course GG, and what did they have in common? SEX. GG without sex is not GG.
The actors are not selling it to us and they are not doing enough PR. There hasn't been a behind the scenes. There has only ever been one Ed/Leighton interview!!! Make us bleieve you still believe! I think they are outgrowing our beloved Gossip Girl!! Shame on you. You know I never want to answer the questions, but if Serena and Blair were to have some girl on girl action it would set the cat amongst the pigeons, although I'd rather see them have a threesome with Chuck! Finally the writers are trying to 'say too much' and not telling us anything at all. Where is the artestry? The silences between the dialogue can speak the loudest!!!


Okay, just got a feeling...Blair's new friend is a call girl! She knows all the senators, and when she introduces them to Blair, they're very excited to meet her? They ask if the two are sisters? Just a thought...


Wow I'm surprised how starting out saying GG writers on crack grew to become its own team. True, though. They need to make things interesting in a different way-- a way that actually makes sense.


@gossipgirlisgreat that is what annoy me about S, like Chuck said in season 1 that she has this "violated virgin act", she acts like she never does anything wrong when things go awry, and she makes judgments to Blair and Chuck and when they do something that's not morally acceptable. S is a hypocrite like V.


hahaa Blair just owned Serena lol S is getting annoying this season


blair is just getting annoying now. team serena!


For emma;
9new girl plus B talking)
New Girl; wow thats senathor procner!
B; wow u realy do no everyone
NG; Oh...i dont no everyone, il b right back.
(she leaves nd few mins later serena walks over to blair)
S; hi blair
B hey, do you see that gorgous blond in the (dont realy no wat she said) taking to those high profile politicans, thats my new bf Brandi. She knows most of them personaly
S; ohh thats great! I mean political connestions aren't the first thing most people look for in friends
(b cuts across)
B; They must really love her because when she introduced me they seemed really trilled to meet me, they even asked if we were sisters!
S; Well i cant wait for you to meet5 Patrick, hes over at the bar getting me a drink right now. I feel so lucky! Hes so attentive!
B; It doesnt take much does it?
(S glares at her)
B; What? ones ever accused you of saying no!
S; (fake laugh)
(B and S turn nd walk away at the same time looking very angry, congrates on the unison btw) hope this helps!


team blair !! love leightonnn xD


I am so team blair.
I love her bitchiness.

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