Penn Badgley & Blake Lively to Get Engaged ... Soon?

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Today's best gossip from the set of Gossip Girl? An update on Blake Lively and Penn Badgley, whose characters, as we know, used to date on the show.

Blake and Penn have dated for a good length of time now (May 2008 was our first report on the couple, who may have been together prior to that).

Is it looking like this could be a (gulp) forever thing?

According to a close pal of Lively's, it very much is. The couple are expected to announce their engagement soon - at least their friends think they are.

Blake and Penn Photo

There's a lot to love about Blively. Possibly for life!

Sunday is Badgley's 23rd birthday, and while some speculated they might have something else to celebrate then, engagement talk is premature.

A little.

''I think if November 1 was Blake's birthday, he might have surprised her with a ring,'' quipped the source. ''But my guess is over the holidays.''

Hard to believe one of our favorite Gossip Girl couples could be making it official. We certainly wouldn't object! You two kids have our blessing!

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wow i wish them all the best may God bless their relationship.


and uhhhh, when did this happen??? :L lol, i never knew about this :( sadface x


Penn Badgley is a pretty great actor... Im convinced after watching The stepfather. He should consider doing more movies-


ahh, love them both!


OMG! They are the perfect couple! If they marry, that'd be super cute! :)


i wish them blez by God...they gonna make it real..u'll c..just wait 4 the best time..


IT WILL BE THE BEST NEWS FOR ME I would die of happiness! But we should wait and see...


i bet it will be another adam brody and rachel bilson thing.
they are going to break up you know when gossip girl eventually gets axed.
hate to burst your bubble guys.


They have all my blessing. They are the greatest hollywood couple. I do love them together but marriage is too soon for them. They should keep waitin. I hope this couldn't like avril and derick.


I dont care...but good luck!!!
just remember engagement doesnt mean happily ever after...countless of people I know got engaged and then broke up


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