Sources Confirm "Huge, Major Death" on Heroes

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We've heard this before, but it sounds more likely than ever this time:

A major character will die this season on Heroes.

NBC sources have confirmed to E! News that a male, original cast member will truly, actually, seriously bite the dust at some point in the near future.

Wheeling Away
Peter in a Fight
Matt and Baby Matt

The most obvious guess would be Hiro, considering he actually has a fatal disease. Sadly, the time has likely come for this once-great character. But we think the show will throw viewers a curve.

That would leave Sylar, Parkman, Peter, Nathan, Anod, HRG and Mohinder as candidates. Our money is on Parkman. How about you?

Who do you think will be killed this season?

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If someone is gonna die, my money is on Mohinder. He's been a pretty worthless character as of late and I really get tired of his totally f'ed up moral compass.


Leland: That would be perfect if "Peter gets shot and the healer guy heals him, and brings Peter's original power's back.


Kim: If Peter gets killed I stop watching the show, Peter is my favorite character I feel that he is the hero of everyone in the show. Like a superman on Metropolis.


In response to Kim's comment... What I'm really keeping my fingers crossed, is that Peter gets shot and the healer guy heals him, and brings Peter's original power's back. The best part about this show from the begining for me, is that they actually created one of the best superheroes ever, who could absorb peoples powers just by being near them, in a world where half the people have some sort of power. And he was fighting the perfect villain, with a similar power that needed to kill to gain other's abilities. I could never understand why they would take that power away from Peter if they weren't planning on giving it back. Now no one is really fighting anyone or really using their powers. There's just a lot of talking and confusion. So, here's hoping they will fix this show by giving Peter back his original powers. Hopefully, Hiro will get his original powers back too, and master the whole time and space thing like we thought he was going to do from the begining. Then, I'll be a truly dedicated fan.


From the promo clip, it looks as though it's very likely it could be Peter that dies. It seems that the Healer's gun goes off when Peter is infront of it, and as he doesn't have his regenerative power anymore... my money is sadly on him. I'm hoping I'm wrong, however - the show tends to lead thought in one direction, and then change it at the last minute for a different, unexpected result. "Heroes" kills off so many characters - Pete is right in saying that the show is a smorgasbord of death. I don't mind that, I actually quite like the fact that they do. However, Peter is unabashedly my favourite character, so fingers crossed I read the signs wrong.


IKurt ...what you are saying is true but Adrian Pasdars character of Nathan is still being used with in the show. I dont know what to make out of this but I think its truely going to be Parkman. Sylar is screwing his mind up anyway.


Why is Nathan in the poll? He was killed at the end of Season 3. Whatever was left of him has seemingly gone when Sylars body shapeshifter back into his form.


I agree -- there is no shock to people dying on this show. But if they are promoing a "main" character dying, who is male, I'd put my money on Nathan as he is already dead. If Sylar is back, I don't really see how Adrian Pasdar has a future on the show.


NO HRG. He is like the master of people with abilities he been with them for some long that he knows all their tricks. Why kill him now? There are so many other characters that can really be killed and not missed, for example Mohinder he done his time on the show already, 4 season he been researching how to stop abilities and so far he fail.


Death. Really. This is supposed to be a shocker to us? Welcome to Heroes, people; Pete said it quite well- Smorgasbord of death. But if we're voting, I'm voting...HRG. He's meddling in some dangerous waters, and I've been thinking he's next since season one.

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