Sources Confirm "Huge, Major Death" on Heroes

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We've heard this before, but it sounds more likely than ever this time:

A major character will die this season on Heroes.

NBC sources have confirmed to E! News that a male, original cast member will truly, actually, seriously bite the dust at some point in the near future.

Wheeling Away
Peter in a Fight
Matt and Baby Matt

The most obvious guess would be Hiro, considering he actually has a fatal disease. Sadly, the time has likely come for this once-great character. But we think the show will throw viewers a curve.

That would leave Sylar, Parkman, Peter, Nathan, Anod, HRG and Mohinder as candidates. Our money is on Parkman. How about you?

Who do you think will be killed this season?

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Danko died, Edgar sliced the sucker up before doing the same to Tracy (she survived though)!


Oh, I was just thinking and I realized, Danko didn't die, he just got mind wiped. Sorry about that. You know who did die though? That nifty "The German" character, like about ten minutes after being introduced. Which kind of sucked, since germans make cool villains. They also make good beer, but I digress...


Pete ..I am really impressed on your detailed list of death that you just provided. I dont know who keeps saying death is not an option on this show..I agree with your post truely. People need to stop complaining about the death.


For the life of me, I don't understand all this stupid griping about characters never dying! Character dying on TV shows isn't an ALL THE TIME thing usually anyways! So here you go Heroes Fanatic. Here's who's dead. Issac, DL, Simone, Charlie, Nathan, Nikki, Eden, Kaito, Ted Sprague, Candice, Adam, Elle, Maya's stupid brother, Bob Bishop, Linderman, Danko, Meredith, Flint, Knox, Daphne, Maury, Arthur Petrelli, Usutu, and UNTOLD Sylar victims. Now, I know what your whiny response will be, "but, uh, those aren't MAIN characters..." A few of them WERE, and besides, what difference does it make, this is an ensemble show! Elle got as much screen time there for a while than any of the "main characters." What makes a main character? Someone who was there from the beginning? The show is only three years old really, what difference does it make. If you go by the numbers, Heroes is practically a SMORGASBORD of death. So what's really your gripe? That it's not realistic that people like Peter and HRG get brought back to life every so often? Yeah, like Heroes doesn't have at least a dozen plot loopholes WAY more egregious than that. It's a sci-fi TV show! Sit back, and f***ing ENJOY.

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