True Blood Spoilers: The Future of Bill

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Season two of True Blood ended with a marriage proposal, an acceptance... and the immediate disappearance of the groom-to-be.

So, what happened to Bill Compton? It won't take viewers long to find out, creator Alan Ball told TV Guide.

"We will discover who has Bill right off the bat in Season 3, but it's going to take the people on the show a little bit longer to find out," he said.

A True Embrace

Might Bill have even left on his own? Sookie will ponder that possibility, according to Ball.

"It's not easy for her. She feels really bad because she's not sure whether he just left because he was upset because she didn't say yes right off the bat. But in her heart she believes he was taken and she doesn't know who took him. She's going to fight to find him."

Last week, Ball expanded even more on season three, teasing fans with the possibilities of werewolves and other creatures next year.

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With the books, it's Eric and Sookie. In the show, Alan Ball seems to prefer Bill so that's likely the way it will play out. But have any of you seen Six Feet Under? AB is hardly known for keeping his characters happy. I have no doubt some serious stuff is going to go down. Plus, I don't think Eric is just interested in Sookie because of Bill. I refuse to believe the characters AB has created are that transparent. Layers are good, and I think there's more to the story on all sides then we have yet to discover.


I agree with Sammy, I've read the books and prefer Alan Balls version! Bill and Sookie should be together.


I disagree...the show is Sookie and Bill...Eric is just a player...he wants Sookie because Bill has Sookie...he knows that Bill and Sookie are in love...makes no difference to him..what a tool.


What is it with Alan Ball and his love for Bill? No offence, but Eric is really the male lead for the books after chapter 2 and Alex Skarsgaard is great as Eric, he should be more prominent. I don't care all that much what happens to Bill as he's a pretty boring character. I want to see more Eric!

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