Two More Sneak Previews For "The Grandfather: Part II"

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Below are two more sneak peeks of "The Grandfather: Part II," next Monday's episode of Gossip Girl. In the first - we hope you're sitting down - Blair Waldorf actually makes a new friend! That's not something to take lightly.

Here's Blair befriending a new girl the only way she knows how ...

[video url="" title="The Grandfather: Part II Sneak Preview #3"] [/video]

Continue below for another clip from the episode, in which Serena and KC discuss the upcoming election party, and her current Archibald problem (follow the link for all the videos from the episode we've compiled so far) ...

[video url="" title="The Grandfather: Part II Sneak Preview #4"] [/video]

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Bree Williamson is her name.


Damn! Blairs new girlfriend is HAWT!

Fackin alpha

Blair and that blonde should have sex.


Since Blair's new friend is a regular on a daytime soap, idk how much she could be on. i love her on oltl though! :D


If it was an issue of being able to afford an expensive bag then Blair Waldorf would have been carrying this bag already. But it's not an issue of this bag's price, but of its availability. If Valentino is going to use someone as a walking advertisement, it wouldn't be a call girl. Even if she sleeps with politicians. It would be someone that's always in the public eye. A vanity figure. A celebrity of some sort will do fine. Or in the case of Gossip Girl fantasy, some blonde. And speaking of call girls and politicians, bag or no bag, though politicians may use your parents' taxpayer money to keep hookers 'busy', you won't see them hanging around with girls of questionable morals at parties and social events. They need to keep their public image clean in order to fool your mommies and daddies as they sell them pipe dreams. See what you've done, you've made me take the show too seriously. But I like your idea. It's funny. Not as funny as Serena looking like a call girl whenever she wears a cocktail dress, though. But Blair is not looking for a real friend. Remember what she said to Serena one day. The boyfriend becomes your best friend, and your best friend because takes the backseat. Blair already zinged Serena for not supporting her last episode. B already has a real friend in Chuck.


Blair making a new friend...I LOVE IT! I hope it lasts. A real friend that she actually likes, I so can't wait.


Thanks Elise, loves ya. I loves saying loves exactly because it sounds so stupid!!!


It's not wrong if Blair intends to use the blondie. Notice how she doesn't waste time inviting her to the election party. The only reason she is befriending this girl is so that she can flaunt her to Serena as her new "best friend". It's all for show. And watch the other video clip where Serena tries to flant what's his name vampire guy to Blair even though she is only dating him as per KC's order. Moderate this, sysop.


who is the actress playing her


Why is Serena taken so seriously?

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