Victoria Beckham to Guest Star on Gossip Girl

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Victoria Beckham has reportedly landed a role on Gossip Girl and will arrive in New York City on Wednesday to shoot scenes for a future episode.

Looks like Posh has gone from Spice Girl to Gossip Girl!

“I’m beyond obsessed with that show,” she has said.

Becks is just the latest high-profile guest star this season. We've already seen Tory Burch, Tyra Banks, Hilary Duff (ongoing) and the Sonic Youth, and we will soon see Lady Gaga performing her new song on the show.

No word yet on whether Victoria will play herself or someone else.

Are you excited for all of the star power? Or is it overkill?

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is going from Spice Girl to Gossip Girl.

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I want Christina Aguilera on Gossip Girl!! =)


OMGG I would love to see Posh on Gossip Girl.


I think season 2 was the best an they are getting more boring as the time in going on. i didn´t like bree nor tira banks. The only one I realy like is Carter who seems like gone for a while? after serena doing that all for him to stay!!


Posh is right for this show! I am excited! I don't mind a few stars as long as their acting doesn't suck...


OH I'm so excited! I love Posh!


Gossipgirl should have begun with the main group of characters as juniors in Constance and st. Judes, the best of g.g was bk in the old days, it was always so juicy. if they had done that we would have gotten at least 3 seasons of them in highschool which would have been awesome.


it makes no difference to the show, it's still going downhill. i miss season much :(


I'm tired of all the guest star appearances - please focus on the main characters!! Posh Spice, really??!! Are the writers so uninspired that it has to be her? OMG... Gossip Girl is on its way down...


i think that these big celebrities starring in gossip girl is making gossip girl a huge fame whore. which means its better for gossip girl, because of the "popularity" and all. i mean, i kinda enjoy celeb appearances, its better than no namers. like that scott guy. eww..i hate scott and vanessa. now that jenny is less annoying, i kinda want to watch her rule the school


I've enjoyed Tory Burch and Hilary Duff... not so much Tyra but it's more like: eeh watever... but lady gaga mmm NOOOO not right for the show, for my likings and victoria is awesome but yea, i agree... it's getting a little too over the top! The main 6 characters are way too interesting to get bored of and the actors right now are hott enough to carry it out on their own!! show me more ed westwick and i'll never stop watching GG!!!


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