Who Will Die on True Blood?

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True Blood creator Alan Ball has a message for fans awaiting the third season of his hit show:

Someone... will... die!

"Somebody is going to bite the dust and it's going to be really good to see them get what they deserve," Ball told TVGuide.com.

Eric and Pam

Ball added that "it's a person we'll be happy to see go," leading us to guess the victim will be Pam, Eric's mean-spirited second hand.

Renewed for at least one more season, True Blood returns in the summer of 2010.

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we havent met debbie yet...and most people love pam...my best guess is tara's mother!


Oh please, Pam??! No way right, its nothing pleased to see her " GO"..She's totally awesome, even appearing almost nothing. I truly believed its LORENA! YEAAHHHH


I won't be happy to see Pam (more) dead, she's great.


I love Pam, I hope its Lorena


No way it will be Pam, she's awesome. My money is on Debbie Pelt.

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Denise: You don't wanna be on my bad side.
Sookie: I'm not so sure you even have another side you no-account backwoods trash

You don't know me that well. My angry face and my happy face are the same.


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