Why Don't the Heroes Unite?

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Each week, following a new episode of Heroes, we typically post a Round Table review of the previous night's installment.

But we just can't do it today. We found this week's episode to be far too depressing. Any Round Table discussion would be filled with negative, unproductive insults directed at the show's writers.

Instead, we'd like to offer a suggestion - and we'd love readers feedback on it...

Every season of Heroes is set up in exactly the same way: the main characters are apart, trying to live relatively normal lives, only for evil forces to eventually bring them together for a volume-ending battle.

Is there any doubt this will take place once again, as everyone reunites to take down Samuel and/or Sylar?

Considering how played out this formula has become, we can't help but wondering: why do Tim Kring and company continue to go down the same path each season? The Heroes clearly work well together, many of them even get along.

Why not have the group actually work together? Why not have a season's worth of episodes that focuses on the Heroes as actual superheroes, avenging villains and battling for mankind?

Nathan vs. Canine

Hey, Nathan, if you truly wanna help people, you can do more good as a flying superhero than one of 50 state senators.

Most fans of the show's critically-acclaimed first season pointed to the clear inspiration comic books had on the drama. Along those same lines, we'd love to see Heroes take a page from X-Men or The Justice League of America.

Wasn't it nice to see Claire and Peter interact for a few brief moments last night? The latter is the only character to actually use his powers for good these days. Why hasn't Claire come to the same realization? She wants to be a normal college student? Why?!? Imagine if Peter Parker shared that boring dream. Or if Clark Kent was content to just be a reporter.

The same with Parkman. He's a police officer that can use his ability to send criminals to jail... and he chooses not to because of some unexplained "addiction" to this power? Lame! (And very selfish!)

We've been here with Heroes, we've done this. There's no intrigue whatsoever about whether or not forces will combine to bring these characters together again.

Instead of having its protagonists living separate lives, acting as if they don't have special talents that can truly help others, the show had a chance to establish HRG as the leader of a true group of superheroes, characters that are united for a common, noble cause. Why hide abilities at this point? Why make viewers suffer through hours and hours of each realizing they can never be normal and eventually using their common gifts for the greater good?

Fast forward through that part. Put the Heroes together and go from there. That's a show we'd love to watch.


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The point isn't that they come together in the end and fight, the point is there is an actual story going on. It's not just one fight after another. If we want to watch a show about heroes fighting villains all the time, watch any one of the superhero cartoons that are on right now. Just my two cents.


You guys get alot of stick for being harsh on Heroes but uv more often than not mirrored my views perfectly!
Lets see them use their powers more and be kick ass characters.
Im a massive Lost fan but sylar would be my fav tv character and whats he done recently? For an entire season he just looked for his dad. Boring. Please make the most of these awesome characters!


I love comic books, and I love Heroes, and I feel that in many ways it is a faithful translation of real people coming to life. I believe that the reason the writers don't team the heroes up all the time is quite simple: the have a formula that seems to work. The events all pull the heroes together in the end, Nathan dies, Peter gets distraught, everyone goes back to thier lives, blah blah blah. That has worked for 3 seasons, and might even work for one more, but the series is in need of a serious change, and I think that this might be what they need. Have Hiro's Hero for hire business be the beginning of their version of the Avengers or Justice League America or whatever.


i love heroes..i'm always asking with my friend if they already come back..they should have an ending.i mean, the story on how they survive and how they solve the challenges they've face.Heroes should continue what they've started.please...i love claire and jessica.hiro as well..Godbless!!!


Well Pyropuppy...If the hero chooses to go to college thats ok with me...Shit..even Peter Parker went to school, but as long as thats not the only thing going on. Peter even though he was building his education still went out there to whoop ass. So I mean ok I get it Hiro and Claire can totally go to school and do their hero for hire BS thing, but they can still go out there help man kind.


Yeah, it is a bit of a pain in the ass to start from square one every season. Really, if any of us had superpowers, do you really think any of us would try to live a "normal" life? Hell no, we wouldn't! Sure, a few of us would be more discrete about using our powers than others, but I'd be willing to bet dollars to donuts that no one, and I mean NO ONE would even consider going to college. Why bother? Any kind of academic achievement would pale in comparison to ending a war or saving a bus full of people. It's time the writers got REAL.


thank you enough said, i love this show n yes it does need an overhaul. and by the way screw the Leno show same crap for the last 15yrs


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