90210 Scoop: More on Adrianna Going Gay

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The rumors and spoilers are true: Adrianna will start a relationship with Rumer Willis' Gia on 90210.

The controversial storyline will unfold in January, as the two characters bond at an AA meeting.

"Gia develops a crush on her, and Adrianna is initally freaked out," 90210 producer Rebecca Sinclair told Entertainment Weekly. "But then she starts to question her own feelings."

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What about Navid? Tune in tonight, as he turns down Adrianna's advances and makes it clear he's no longer interested in a relationship with her.

As for Lowndes' take on the same-sex relationship, she said: "I've never kissed a girl before so it's a little nerve-racking."

It also seems a little desperate on the show's part, but we're willing to let this plot develop and see how it plays out. Are you?

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this suks iwant ade and nav back together they can not do this to them


omg i cant wait i love ade with gia they r so cute they so should keep this relationship goin... i love gia she is so differnt then the others on the show they should keep her on 90210 as long as they can


Listen the stroyline might not even last past 5 episodes by the end of it gia is going to be broke hearted and Adrianna is going to be back with navid. so just sit back relax and enjoy the lesbian action


Oooohhhh NO. That is SOO stupid. Seriously.


I just hate how everything happens to Adrianna! I mean at some point, is good for Jessica cause she is prooving how BIG she is as an actress.. But come on, she got pregnant and gave her in adoption, she used to do drugs and still u dont know if she's def clean, she cheated on navid and then teddy said he didnt want anything. she apparently cant have his boy back. She didnt have a great relationship with her mom...So come on...she has to kiss a girl now?!
It's so unfair.. Because we supose Shanae is the lead actress and yeah she had some strong stories...but it seems like Jessica took a LOT of importance...so at least, if u r gonna give her such important thing, i hope the others have problems too:P


oh my god i really really really hope they dont do this. Adrianna has gone through WAYYY to much thats so ridiculous and over the top. maybe making her bi could be believable but not fully coming out thats just unbelievable and yeah, what about her and Navid? seriously after EVERYTHING they went through in the first season thats a little fake to just end it like that.


it doesn't make sense that adrianna goes gay...and who the hell is gia? lol is that the redhead girl? she's so random! but I think it's at least good that 90210 is trying to represent gay teens...even if it's as strange a storyline as this. oh well, lesbians on tv always die, go back to being straight, or move away or something, so there's still hope for adrianna and navid! and then 90210 will hAve got their gay thing out of the way.


WATTT! okaii seriously , Adrianna should Not go gay , Its just sad. She shud Be Wivv Navid


thats disgusting ... they're just trying to but some promotion with this sick storyline ... i love this show ... and i realte to the storylines ... but a gay storyline ... thats just promotion ... i hope they get back to their senses


No no no no no no no no I love Navid and Ade's relationship, give this girl a break man!! DONT LET THIS PLAY OUT!! I WANT NAVID AND ADE BACK TOGETHER!! Ugh!!

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