Alternative Versions of Olivia and Walter: Coming to Fringe?

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Even if you hate the Yankees, you've gotta be thrilled they wrapped up the World Series last night.

As a result, Fox will air a new episode of Fringe tonight, as opposed to the seventh game of the Fall Classic. What can fans expect from this show over the rest of season two?

Sci-Fi Wire spoke to many involved with it and asked that question. Most prominently: will we ever meet an alternate reality version of Walter and Olivia?

"I have that question as well," said Anna Torv. "I'm hoping there is [an alternate Olivia]. But then I don't know... with the discovery of the fact that the Peter here is clearly not from here, then it makes sense that maybe the Walter over there is angry with the Walter here, and that's kind of the whole thing behind [the Pattern]. But I don't know."

Nice to she's as intrigued and confused as we are!

Broyles and Olivia

Joshua Jackson, meanwhile,  is convinced we'll meet another Walter:

"In keeping with the mythology of Fringe, yes, there is a Walternate, and there would be... an alternate mother as well, because, you know, that dimension is so close to our own, that with only minor differences it is identical."

One more question, please, Anna: will Olivia ever meet the Observer?

"There's an episode coming up that is called 'August,' and it sort of deals with the Observer. It's a really, really beautiful, beautiful episode, actually, so I won't say anything more, but that's actually very soon. Yeah."

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Fringe Quotes

Peter: Hello. Walter is that you? I can hear you breathing.
Janitor: Is this Peter Bishop?
Peter: Yes.
Janitor: I'm calling from NY. I know this is going to sound crazy but I just saw a woman disappear in front of my eyes.
Peter: Who is this?
Janitor: Her name was Olivia. She has a message for you; she's trapped in the other universe

You, Olivia, have the ability to bend things with your mind. That's what you're doing in this drawing, if you look at it the right way.


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