Blake Lively Addresses Rumors on Late Night

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Being blonde, beautiful and successful, Gossip Girl star Blake Lively is naturally the subject of multitudinous Internet rumors. Last night, she cleared them up.

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, she addressed rumors about her spontaneous river dancing, love of the film Waiting for Guffman, and swiping credit cards.

In a manner of speaking, that is ...

[video url="" title="Blake on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Part I"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second clip from last night's edition of Late Night, in which Blake and Jimmy reminisced about their tension-filled Thanksgivings past ...

[video url="" title="Blake on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Part II"] [/video]

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Aw, I thought Blake was super cute in this interview! She is nothing like Serena. She is actually very likeable and funny, and her hair and clothes looked great! In response to a few other posters, however: 1.) To those who are saying mean things: I hate Serena's character as much as anyone and I know Blake has had a nose job (and maybe a boob job?) but she seems so nice and sweet and is undeniably beautiful. I think you all should lay off, because she seems like a really cool person. 2.) To all of you crazy people who say she is "perfect" and you want to “be just like her�: You sound like middle school losers. Yes, she seems really cool and is super sexy and beautiful, but you really need to all get lives. Why would you want to "be" somebody else? That sounds like something the psycho ugly girl would say before secretly cutting off a strand of Blake's hair and using it to decorate the used chewing gum statue of her they keep hidden in their closet. It's one thing to think Blake/Serena is beautiful and nice and to appreciate her for her good qualities; it is an entirely different thing to worship her stalker-style and want to BE her. Weirdos! 3.) To GG_Bass or whatever you name was: You and Blake both doing the credit card swipe is NOT ironic. It is a coincidence in one sense of the word, but most things aren't ironic. Please learn the definition, because this is one of the most God-awful annoying mistakes a person can make when speaking English. I know we all make grammar/spelling errors, and that is perfectly acceptable considering this is a casual blog, but I cannot in good conscience allow you to continue the rest of your life misusing that word!


a lovely girl :)


Blakw is boring and a fake. How can anyone like her? I hope she doesn't give more interview because I fell sorry for her.


hahaha! she is so adorable! i love her! blake your my idol!


Seriously, what does Leighton have to do with this??? Nothing.

Addison rose

Have always loved Blake but never really liked Serena. She's amazing and always makes me laugh!


Thanks!I'll look forward to it.haha


that was seriously hilarious


Hahahahhaha. Omg. I love her, she's hilarious. She is my idol.


why is she so cute? seriously. i want to be hhhher.


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