Blake Lively Hearts Serena van der Woodsen Fashion

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In real life, Blake Lively may not be very similar to Upper East Side vixen Serena van der Woodsen. Well, except for her Gossip Girl alter ego's style.

“I dress just like Serena!” Blake admits in the November issue of Nylon magazine. “I own half her wardrobe, so it’s far too similar to how I dress!”

“I feel ridiculous at times with her, because I’m, you know, killing someone or marrying someone, but I look like me. I’m like, ‘Oh, this is absurd.’”

Having her Gossip Girl fashion mesh so seamlessly with her personal signature style, however, isn’t something that happens with most of her roles.

Blake Lively in Nylon

Blake Lively and Serena both look amazing.

“When I’m doing a movie, I hide behind the character’s hair or makeup or clothes. If I can transform myself, then people will believe that’s who that is," says the 22-year-old Blake. "And I need to believe that’s who that is.”

One fringe benefit of trying out a persona? Getting in new products that she might not try on herself, including her latest beauty obsession which she picked up on the set of her next movie, The Town: press-on nails.

“They’re really amazing,” she says.

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Btw, loving this cover. I have GOT to get it. lol


Okay, I seriously don't think that's what she meant. She's just saying that although sometimes the writers may give her out of this world storylines, she's grateful for even having a career and especially the free clothes. I'm telling you, this girl is the epitome of perfection. :D


i believe she's saying that killing someone, marrying a stranger, all these things seem weird bc she looks like herself while doing it. it wouldn't be as weird if she was dressing in a style totally different from herself. it's easier to separate the character and the actress that way. that being said, she looks gorgeous :)


Ow,I get that some sl's may be absurd,but this is the reason why she is an ACTRESS,right? TV shows,especially shows like Gossip Girl,especially if the writers are on crack lately,are a little absurd...It's part of her job,so she shouldn't feel ridiculous,it's just a character,isn't supposed to be real... But,its no big thing,she's drop dead gorgeous and extremely lovely,so...Go Blake!


Plotting In Pastel, your way jumping to conclusions. Why should I even start, every post I have ever seen you do your just a lil' bitch to Blake. Nuff said. ANYWAYS, Blake is fucking hot. Nuff said again. Penn is one lucky man.


I think that's a bit much to assume. I'm pretty sure that all of the cast think their characters are ridiculous to some degree. All she said was that she felt a little ridiculous with Serena sometimes... Killing and marrying someone, on top of a lot of things. Uh, yeah. That is ridiculous. Doesn't mean she's not being "nice" to her meal ticket.


I feel like she pretty much just said her character (and the entire show) is stupid, ridiculous and contrived. OUCH I like Blake but GG is her current meal ticket, she better be nicer to it or the Writers will give her crappy storylines to work with (and so far I think her SLs have actually been decent with trying to win approval from her Dad, dropping out of college, moving out of her Mom's house and then losing Carter. It's her fault for not being a more convincing actress because Leighton Meester can do ALOT with SLs that are pretty similar or actually even worse). Ugh... not impressed with Blake right now.

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