Blake Lively Turns Heads at Premiere

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At a screening for her new movie The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee in New York, Blake Lively wore the kind of ensemble only she could get away with.

Seriously ... this is a new one, even for her. She's kind of like a delicious, decadent wedding cake with cleavage, you could say. Or you could say wow ...

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Only Blake Lively can wear an outfit like this.

It's as if she's heeded the call of one of our Round Table panelists, who has been distraught by the lack of Serena cleavage for the past several episodes.

She shows a lot more than cleavage in The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee, interestingly. We haven't seen it ourselves, but there's a Blake Lively nude scene.

 “I think it’s uncomfortable, laying in strategically placed clothes taped on your body, in front of some strangers,” said Blake Lively of that part of the film.

Her co-star in it? Oscar winner Alan Arkin, 75.

“We’re all actors, we’re all professionals and we all understood what was happening. Everybody is uncomfortable with those scenes. You’re not going to be comfortable being half-naked in front of anyone. But, it was fine. It was short.”

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I think it looks nice and I would love to wear it!. If normal people you see everyday wore this to would prob think wtf? but she is famous and she pulls it off its hot!


Adorei seu luck Lively Blake vc e linda de qualqeur jeito...


She has a hoit body but the boobs do look fake, i have 2 agree!! But i don't like how she trys 2 show 2 much cleavege!


Is it just me or are her boobs look like an almost uni-boob?


i love what she has on but i do wish she had put on a bra or something. i have a blouse that is cut just like that at the top and it is great i looked fucking hot but every time i sat down the cut would open wide and anyone could see my boobs from very far away. thanked god i had a bra on.


That is SO not classy cleavage. And what's up with those shorts? Blake, you can do so much better!!!


Perfect,amazing body and gorgeous face ,so jealous . Some haters just jealous ,you wish you were her ,bitches


Best body happens to the fugly face.


"That said, I think both Blake and Leighton are gorgeous. Blake has the better figure but Leighton the better face.
They remind me of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Who do you prefer? Well, they are both gorgeous but has totally different styles".
I couldnt agree more!That's exactly what I think,that's why I hate when people try to compare them...Always trying to prove who is the best...Honestly,they're awesome,and we are lucky to have such lovely and talented girls in the show that we love About the outfit,I really don't mind...I think that showing a little bit of cleavage is her thing,and she can pull it off,so,all I can say is: Blake,You're drop dead gorgeous!
About Leighton's photoshoot or her music video...Guys,it's not like she wears those outfits on the street...Please,chill out!The pics are sexy and beautiful *-*


I'm a girl and 100% into boys but I must say: Look at her boobs! I would kill for my boobs to be like that! She looks so hot! And her whole body is just hot!

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