Don and Betty Draper Are Over

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Good luck ever getting Mad Men spoilers out of creator Matthew Weiner.

He's more tight-lipped about his show than anyone on TV.

But in an interview he gave after the incredible third season finale, Weiner did address the future of Betty and Don Draper. How come? Because he doesn't consider this a spoiler. It's so clear, he said...

It’s so unambiguous to me that this marriage is over, but the audience seems to cling to the idea that they should be together because we want to believe in those things. The marriage was not good. It was built on a lie and the lie was exposed. In the end, Don coming clean really damaged his relationship with her, more than the lying, her seeing who he actually was.

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I do believe when he says his mother was a 22-year-old prostitute that Betty is looking at something that is very far from what she had planned for herself... That was the whole story of the season. When Henry Francis came on to her… a switch went off in her head of what was missing in her life, which was a true, romantic attachment.

In the end, that combination with her gut feeling that something wasn’t right in her marriage and finding out the truth, they don’t belong together anymore, kids or not. You’ve got to take it pretty seriously when someone’s flying to Reno to get a divorce.

Will January Jones remain on the show as Betty? Viewers will need to wait a long time for that answer.

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I have come on board to the series recently. My whole reason for watching it is the complex yet intriguing relationship between Betty and Don. They have amazing chemistry you can see that often, especially compared to the way he looks at all other women. They are made for each other like Edward and Bella or Chuck and Blair, they have true love, but just in a different era and with a lot of baggage that Don needed to shift to get the closeness with his wife that they both need. It would be perfect if Don finally let her in, that is all she wanted. I refuse to watch season 4 now that I have read there is no likeliness of them rekindling their eternal flame. Please let love prevail.


Wow, that explanation is not how I look at their relationship at all. And after he told her the truth, it seemed as though she really cared and was trying. Am I the only one who saw how she wanted to be a family on Halloween? She was sweet...? Anyway, I think they could have worked through this and their relationship could have finally been legitimate. I know they've been through a lot, but it's been 10 years, 3 kids, and they still have passion. Get Betty a job--she'll be happy, and Don will admire her work, etc etc. I know everyone has their faults, but I am so angered by Henry Francis. This Don-Betty storyline really hurts me on a personal level which I know sounds odd. Is Weiner trying to lure us away from certain perceptions? Because his explanation is ridiculous and I don't even feel like it's coming from the writer.... or that may be what he at first thinks, but it's not how the show has played out in my opinion!


I agree with the commenter that Don and Betty are really very much alike but they cannot see this because they are so contained and cool and reticent. Betty is fooling herself if she stays with that pompous Rockefeller protege who is as dominating and full of himself as Don. I do hope that Don and Betty get back together but at a higher, more understanding plain. Betty is spoiled, conceited and, because of convention, has permitted her life to be as it is = a lady of leisure who has a nanny/maid cook. clean and raise the kids while she goes horseback riding.


i agree with Matt Weiner that the Drapers' marriage was not good and clearly over (right now). But, i find it condescending that he thinks audiences cling to the marriage because they need the "structure" of marriage. i think that its understandable why Don and Betty were together and could be again in the future. I agree with Rosie that it wasn't the fact that Betty saw Don as the son of a prostitute and that didn't fit into her plans so that's when it ended for her. I think it was realizing that she hasn't been happy for a long time because she was trapped in a mundane life with an cheating husband that she can no longer justify after she discovered it was all a lie. Betty was unhappy before she found out the truth about Don. It's just that now, she cannot "reason" with herself that she should stay in the situation anymore. Don and Betty are very similar actually. They got together because they similarly aspired to have this idealistic life and be socially accepted. Their marriage was bad, unhappy and should be over now. But, they do have the possibility of coming back together in the far far future because their unhappiness in their marriage has more to do with them individually than them as a couple. They are really similar in that they are really private, idealistic people. They both are not like the society around them but constrained by the shallowness of their peers. They both are dreamers. They want to be swept up and away but they are really really hard on themselves and each other and the people around them to overcompensate for their guilt over their fantasies. they are both arrogant and self-righteous but privately hold the same kind of insecurities and rebellious thinking not shared by other people during this time.


I do not think all fault lies with Betty. Don is not such a good person himself. He cheats on Betty all the time. Granted Don is a good boss to his staff and he is good at his job but he is a bad husband & father. It does not means that he brings home the bread he is a good husband & father. Don needs to spend time with his wife & children. He needs to show that he loves them which I have yet to see in all the 3 seasons. I see him cheating all the time. So how can Don called Betty a whore when he is not much better himself. Don has issues and he needs to share it with his wife. I hope in the next season (if there is a season 4), we can see Betty character developing and finally realize Henry is not for her and she trying to understand Don. Hopefully the writer can make Betty be a better person that now. I too hope that Don will also be a better man. Most men will condone the actions of Don Drapper but I think the female gender would prefer that he works to keep his marriage and realize his mistakes and stop having flings. Afterall I think it is the female population that watches TV series and followng it more. It serves the TV station well not to turn off the female viewers.


Can't wait until Henry dumps Betty. Why would he trade his freedom for a needy wife and three kids? That whole line about wanting to marry her is classic womanizing: He will say or do anything to sleep with a beautiful woman. The week before he wanted to turn her over his office desk, now he wants to marry her?


If we're honestly supposed to believe that Betty saw Don for what he really was because he was the son of a prostitute, then he is not much of a writer. I thought he could do better than that. I could see Betty finally dumping Don, because she realized that he had been lying to her for the entire decade they were together. Betty already knew that Don came from poverty. She found out that he was an impoverished farmboy, THREE YEARS before the Drapers' marriage fell apart. Finding out that he was the son of a prostitute should have been small potatoes. C'mon Matt Weiner! I thought you could do better than that.

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