Gossip Girl Episode Recap, Music, Quotes, Etc.

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Monday night's Gossip Girl featured a number of intriguing plots, ones that may have even made the much-touted threesome tame and obvious-seeming.

Okay, it was still hot, but brief, and clear from the start where it was headed. Whether Jenny would prevail, or whether Serena and Tripp would hook up?

Those were left in doubt until the very end, and are still primarily unresolved. Click here for our episode guide to "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

We've compiled a list of the best quotes from Monday, as well as a list of music played during "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" Check 'em out!

Follow these links, as well, for plenty of videos and pictures from the night, then check back later for all the latest news, spoilers and Round Table!

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J and Posse

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just hate jenny. bitch should go die.


What are D/O/V thinking?!?!?! That was the dumbest thing they could ever do, although it was a really fun plot twist! And S is getting on my nerves. Get yourself together, girl! The audience can only take so much of the same crap before we dismiss her completely!


oh and yes taylor is really gorgeous, who wouldnt want to have her face or her legs?? besides i cant wait to see her around damien, that will probably be smoking hot!


we didnt see the scene with B and S on the elevator s floor with the bottle of malte and the glasses did we?


Taylor is gorgeous.


I think J looks damn hot in short skirts! she's got the legs, so why don't show them? in contrast to blake taylor is now in a model agency! (together with kate moss, gemma ward, erin wasson etc.) i guess that means soething and proves that her face isn't all that ordinary! ;)
I LOVE her!


just wanted to say that it's really quite the nightmare to see taylor mommsen all the time in mini-skirts! i agree that she might be thin and have long legs, but that alone doesn't make them pretty to watch!
mommsen is so fugly, such an ordinary, working class face, no designer dress or great stylist can change anything about that! it's difficult enough that i have to bear her apperance on this show, so pls at least keep her clothes on! if you're looking for beautiful legs, keep blake lively's in mind, they're pure perfection and sexiness.


All i can say is Humphrey has come a long way......:)