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Happy Monday, Upper East Siders. We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Now as a special, post-holiday treat, you get to watch a Gossip Girl Thanksgiving tonight!

Obviously, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without drama, as Blair learns when she suspects suspects her mom, Eleanor, has been keeping a big secret from her.

Meanwhile, a big fight with her folks leads Vanessa running to Dan’s doorstep, where Rufus learns that Lily has been lying to him about her mother, Cece.

Jenny learns that Eric was behind her embarrassment at Cotillion and can’t pass up a chance to get even, and Serena's affair with Tripp is exposed.

Sounds like a lot of action ahead!

What do you think and hope will happen on Gossip Girl tonight?

We've seen a bunch of sneak previews and promos, browsed through a photo gallery and read spoilers galore. All that's left to do is to watch and discuss!

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Vanessa's dress at Thanksgiving was Tibi. Who makes Serena's white blouse with the knot?


Anyone know who made Vanessa's boho chic dress in the Thanksgiving dinner episode?


i lovee vanessas dress at the thanksgiving dinner anyone know where to buy it or whoe designed it?!


@Kevin Park
I loveee that dress!!!! I was thinking how gorgeous the dress was when I watched GG today
I gotta say ur wife is extremely talented...I'm studying fashion design myself and your wife is truly an inspiration for me :)


Blair's thanksgiving dress was designed by Sariah who happens to be my wife. The two of us together run our small operation out of our apartment in Staten Island and produce everything locally in manhatten. We were surprised and so excited to see our dress on the show last night. We had no idea! Thank you to gossip girl for supporting the little guys! If anyone is interested I invite you to check out our website sariahnyc.com. The dress can be seen in the fall 2009 collection.


i wish serena had stayed with nate instead of going with tripp!


Ah! I loved it! Serena and Nate would be okay but I think they're end game material, so I want lots and lots of sleazy affairs with married government officials. Okay maybe just one, as long as Its with Tripp (yum!) and they play it out to its most scandalous ending. I LOVE STRIPP! (But I love scandal more). Oh and that jumpsuit was absolutely delicious, though Blake could wear a paper bad and look stunning (that b*tch).


Vanessa is better off turning into a lesbo, Jenny's storyline should take a U-turn and go back to her fashion designer dreams, I like her, but the queen role is just lame.
Serena's daddy issues are not convincing, especially since they popped up out of the blues this season.
Blair must not change.
Chuck should also just come out of the closet, I didn't buy that he's hetro from the first season, his wardrobe doesn't help either.
Lily and Elanor should use less botox
and the producers MUST hire better writers


Loved this episode...
Annoyed by jennys character as well but obviously it will change in the future it is just that was to cause drama...blah blah that show could do without...like i dont think anyone is interested in jennys drama
however loved this episode...chuck amazing as usual, blair the same, and serena gullable as shit... i cant believe she did not go with Nate, and so so so proud of Nate its about time one of them faced their feelings, also been waiting for this since the Pilot!
I have to disagree this show has a lot of potential it is quite upbeat unlike the OC or One Tree Hill which were more seirous shows. I can see it airing many more seasons because a lot of things can still happen:D ...Nate and Serena are just beginnig their romance and Dan and Vanessa havent even gotten down to real business so.... I think we will be quite surprised


Eleanor can't be pregnant! She's old! Hahaha


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