Gossip Girl Music Video Promo For Monday

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Thanks to all the readers who alerted us to this awesome music video promoting next week's episode of Gossip Girl. The Plastiscines perform their song "Bitch" (fitting) set to new clips from "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

Pretty catchy song, and some of the clips (particularly Eric talking about taking Jenny down) may surprise you. Check it out and tell us what you think ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/gossip-girl-music-video-promo-plasticines/" title="Gossip Girl Music Video Promo: Plasticines"] [/video]

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Note to G00se, I don't care what your critics say, keep writing your comments because they are marvellous. About this episode, I was right. Season 1 kept it classy.In comparison, Jenny's big debut was TRASHY. And whenever she stormed off in her hideous dress it was like her goal was to imitate the Wicked Witch of the West. I think the producers of this show need to start handing out some pink slips to people on the writing team for starters and also to those responsible for these wardrobe malfunctions they have the nerve to call "style".


Not that what Jenny did was right, but getting back at her by taking her down won't solve anything. Hope Eric can see that. And is it just me or is Tripp REALLY attractive?


Jeezs Jenny is such a bitch, its just annoying


this is classic Gossip Girl. the lighting, the snarky one liners, this is why we fell in love with this show. looks like it's on it's way back up


i love eric, and i hope he prevails and makes jenny pay!! lol


I'm totally for Jenny. She's effed up her life enough & we can let her do it again. Besides, it's fun seeing her piss about it later. Total season 1 GG. & Atleast thank the writers for keeping Chair together for this long.


i hope blair doesn't team with eric to take J down.
that would be embarrasing.
B's in college now. leave the brady bunch to fight in their own war. but, somebody will definately try to take down J. i mean, what's a hierarchy without rebellion, betrayal, power struggle and a good bitch fight?


Jenny is really starting to piss me off,, but she is still my favorite and I love her and Nate together :]


I agree with the goose....
I hope Eric & Blair align to take down Jenny.... Because it should not be that easy for Jenny to take over. What sets her apart from the others is their breeding and social circles that they've had. They are still well conected with everyone, while we are to believe Jenny has already made similar conections? The only one she has is the Vander Woodsens and Bass, enough to gain respect...but to rule? I don't think so


what's up with people hating the bitch-y J? seriously.
did you all thought that the writers would have J to be a goody goody queen and bring peace and serenity at constance? gossip girl is all about drama,
but bitch-ness brings drama. :) besides, if you've got power,
it's human natural to manipulate it :P

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