Gossip Girl Spoilers: Paying Respects

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E! Online has a little scoop on what's to come with Bart Bass' mysterious return to Gossip Girl in its Q&A today. Check out their new teaser and comment below ...

Q: Anything good coming up on Gossip Girl?

A: Chuck is going to visit Bart's grave on the anniversary of his death, and when he gets there, he won't be the only one paying his respects.

Any guesses on who'll pop up? Word is not one but two family members could be making surprising returns ... the only question is, who?

Grieving Chuck

Chuck and Nate in Season 2's "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"

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Chuck's mom, maybe? In a dream obviously.


Ohhh... how ready does chucks look for vampire season here

Marta vdh

i think the only real family are chuck and jack, but if they are meaning the actual Bass der humphrey family then things change. -jenny,dan obviously are not going to be there
-serena has enough with the accident SL
-eric is really an option because they did get on well
-lily is a fifty-fifty possibility
-but my guess is on RUFUS ,cause he's still a good man even he married bart's widow ,so he may go to show his respects, i hope is this one ( please people that hates that rufus took bart's place , don't create an argument of this) what do you think about it?


i noticed him mentioning his mum in the pilot as well...but thing is...once the show gets picked up they tend to change somethings in the pilot...hence y they prob made him have no mummy!...if that makes sense...


It could be Jack. I hope they don't give Chuck a sibling. That would suck!
And I don't think Chuck is the only one who can see Bart. I heard its gonna be more like, nobody can see Chuck and he gets to view his life...


Chuck's mother maybe, I read somewhere that she would appear at some point and she'd be a famous actress, can't remember exactly who...


Actually, this whole thing about Chuck's mother being gone is a major plot hole left by the writers. If you guys remember in the pilot, Chuck makes a remark to Nate about stealing some some prescription pills from his mom, but then later, he tells Dan that she died giving birth to him. So which was it? The writers should have definitely figured that out before the later episodes aired, lol. If it does turn out that Bart faked his death, Chuck will flip his shit for sure. (I'm sort of excited for that because Ed Westwick is, like Jordan said above, such an awesome actor.) Does makes you wonder who was really in the coffin at Bart's funeral, though...


is instead of his*


It's chucks mum and maybe jack.
because remember victoria beckham his playing chucks mum.


That all will happen in next episode? Serenamadre?

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